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Google Street Views of The Godfather Filming Locations


I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. I thought it’d be cool to see how the filming locations for The Godfather (both 1 and 2) look, so I took screen caps of them using Google’s street view. Here they are, presented alongside photos of them in the original film. Enjoy! Continue reading


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The 9 Worst Mob Movie Marriages

If you’ve seen any mob movie made in the last five decades, then you realize that mafia marriages are riddled with crime, adultery, drug use, and eventually divorce. It would seem that a life of crime makes a person a horrible husband, and those horrible husbands tend to attract horrible wives. It’s all kinds of fun when it’s put on the screen. Here are my picks for the nine worst mob movie marriages. Continue reading


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Ruining Movie Posters with Comic Sans

Comic Sans is a font with an interesting place in the graphic design kingdom. Most designers hate it. Hell, most people hate it in general. And that’s because it’s a bad font. If you really want to know why, then read this article. If you use it, graphic designers and font nerds and lots of other people will laugh at you. To illustrate the point about how bad the font is, I’ve recreated a bunch of movie posters using Comic Sans instead of the original font. No matter the era or genre, I think you’ll see how inappropriate it is, even in comic book films. Consider it a public service announcement. Continue reading


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Updating the New Year’s Resolutions: Round Five

I’ve been updating my New Year’s movie-watching resolutions once a month. I’m up to the fifth update now, and quite a handful of these resolutions have stalled due to availability. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s allowed me to shift my focus a little bit towards some of the other, more neglected resolutions that I made. Continue reading


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Infographic: The Body Count in The Godfather: Part II

The other day, after seeing The Godfather on the big screen, I was motivated enough to create an infographic illustrating all of the deaths in the film. More importantly, I discovered just how head-over-heels I still am about that movie, and that trilogy. Re-watching the sequel seemed like the next natural step in the progression. That’s precisely what I did a few days ago. I’d be remiss if I didn’t put together yet another infographic, demonstrating the colossal number of deaths that occurred in the second film the same way I did for the first. Buckle your seatbelts, because the body count in the sequel was even higher. Obviously, there are a ton of spoilers that follow. Continue reading


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Infographic: The Body Count in The Godfather

Seeing The Godfather (1972) in the theatre was the highlight of my movie-watching weekend. It was like seeing every single memorable, quotable scene with a new set of eyes. One inescapable aspect: there are a LOT of people who die in The Godfather. Obviously, the most die in one particular scene, but that scene isn’t the only culprit. There are characters dying at a steady pace throughout. Let this infographic show you just how many characters died, and how they died:
Clearly, spoilers follow. Continue reading


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There Can Be Only One!

There are many cinematic debates that have raged on for years. These debates provide two options–two icons or two tremendous films–that are strikingly similar, and yet still distinct from one another. Almost universally, they’re presented in black and white. As the title suggests, there can be only one option chosen as a favorite. There’s no room for gray area. I find that notion horribly misguided. I can love pizza and beer equally, for instance. Having said that, the debates are still a whole lot of fun and they’ve made me try to learn more about the other side far more than I would have without the debates. Here are some of my favorite debates, and my verdict. Continue reading


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