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The Six Best Moments on Mad Men

We’re a few episodes away from wrapping up yet another season of Mad Men and this season has provided no shortage of fantastic moments. Not unlike the show’s AMC brethren Breaking Bad, Mad Men has a panache for jaw-dropping dark humor moments. Here are my six favorite, ranked in no particular order (after #1, which was definitely my favorite): Continue reading


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Tale of the Tape: Breaking Bad v. Mad Men

Some comparisons are inevitable. Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin will always be held up against one another. People will always compare LeBron James to Michael Jordan. Gary Busey and Nick Nolte’s shared insanity and similar looks make them an obvious comparison. AMC has a pair of shows that invite just such a situation- Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Let’s size them up with a quick rundown of strengths and weaknesses, shall we? And at the end, I’ll declare a winner. Continue reading


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