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The 10 Best Drunk Sequences in Movies

You’ve seen it countless times before–the drunk montage. Nobody really knows where it began. It was certainly present in the 1940s, and it may even go back to the German Expressionist era of the 1920s and 1930s. A character gets annihilated and then stumbles around town late at night often on rain-soaked streets. All the while, neon signs for seedy establishments float in the air, superimposed behind the drunkard, implying the sheer insanity of their evening. The drunk sequence has evolved over the years, with films from a variety of genres absorbing it as their own. Here are the 10 best. Continue reading


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The Intersection of Freud and Teddy Roosevelt: Brief Thoughts about North by Northwest (1959)

After a few months of blathering on and on about seeing more classic films on the big screen, my first chance came earlier this week when a local theater was showing Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest (1959) rather fortuitously on my day off from work. It was the first in a list that I hope swells to 15 to 25 classic films seen on the big screen in 2012. I’m not sure that I have enough to say about it to write a proper review or even a Re-Watchterpiece Theater (since I’ve seen the movie before), but I do have several thoughts I’d like to share about it. Continue reading


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7 Movies That Would be Better Starring Santa Claus

I bought my first Christmas gifts the other day, which means the holiday season is officially under way. There are just a few weeks until Christmas. And so the fat man is on his way with his special bag of goodies. No, I’m not talking about Kevin Smith and a bag of weed. I’m referring, of course, to Santa Claus. To get in the holiday spirit, I’ve compiled a few movies that I think might be better with Santa Claus. Some of these are fantastic movies, tough to improve upon. But I think we all know that adding Santa Claus to anything instantly makes it better. Continue reading


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