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Infographic: The Criterion Collection By Country


As the last month or so here at TDYLF has illustrated, the Criterion Collection has an amazing variety of top-shelf cinema. It’s a gateway drug for becoming a film nerd, with films from multiple genres, eras, directors, actors and actresses, and countries. It’s that last portion that I’ve decided to focus on today. I’ve created an infograph that visualizes just how many countries are represented (and how well represented they are) in the Criterion Collection. If you’ve ever wanted to know just how many French, American, Swedish, British, Italian, Mexican, Polish, or Macedonian films Criterion has championed, particularly in relation to one another, this is your chance. Enjoy! Continue reading


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Infographic: When We Go to the Movies


Box Office Mojo is a treasure trove of data about movies- how much money it takes to make them, how much money they make, which actors and actresses are the most successful, how much is made in foreign markets compared to domestic, and so on. Poking around on the site left me wondering about movie-going habits. Which months attract more viewers? Which months are barren wastelands? I’ve put it all together in a chart that breaks down the trends and times of the year that people go to the movies, by month. It represents all of the full years that Box Office Mojo has available- 1982-2012. Continue reading


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Infographic: The History of the St. Louis Cardinals


It’s October in St. Louis. In recent memory, that means that the whole city is alive thanks to a playoff run by the St. Louis Cardinals. This year is no different. To commemorate the run and, really, my fandom, I’ve created an infographic illustrating a great deal of the franchise’s history, legends, highlights, and stomping grounds. Enjoy! Continue reading


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Infographic: The Summer Box Office

Hey, everyone, I don’t exactly have an update to share here, but I do have one to share elsewhere. I recently contributed an infographic or information graphic or piece of data visualization or whatever it’s supposed to be called… for movies.com. It breaks down the 2013 summer movie season across a variety of angles, including notable actors in blockbusters this past summer, the #1 film by week, the top films by critical acclaim and total box office, and the split by genre (sequels, animation, MPAA ratings, etc…). In short, if you want to know what the summer movie season was all about at a quick glance, it’s all condensed into one image. You can find it here.


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Infographic: The Diminishing Returns of Movie Sequels

Recently, I was contacted by Mike Anderson at Nerd Wallet. The site has cooked up a really impressive look at the natural progression, and diminishing returns, of sequels. More specifically, it looks at box office figures and critical acclaim (using Rotten Tomatoes) to determine how sequels fare. It’s a lot of fun data, and I highly recommend checking out their full findings and methodology here. There’s even a handy infographic that breaks out the average decline in both critical acclaim and box office revenue from the first film to the first sequel, second sequel, and so forth. See the infograph after the jump. Continue reading


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Infographic: Scorsese at a Glance


Martin Scorsese celebrated his 70th birthday a few weeks ago. Even though it’s almost a month later, it wouldn’t feel right unless his birthday was properly acknowledged here at TDYLF. After all, the man is a national treasure, both for his efforts to preserve classic cinema and for his own tremendous films. To honor the man who’s been as important as anyone to film history in his 70 years on earth, I’ve finally given him the infographic treatment. Continue reading


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Infographic: Fincher Facts

The fine folks at Hark.com have reached out again to ask me if I’d create an infographic for them. Since they’re a really cool site that I enjoy, I was glad to do it. This time, I’ve created an infographic focusing on the career- film and otherwise- of David Fincher. Enjoy! Continue reading


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