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Products That Should Have Ads Directed by Famous Directors

Thanks to the wonderful movies.com, I recently found out that Rob Zombie directed a Woolite ad. You can find it here. The message, it would seem, is that you can now get your gimp masks snuggly fresh with Woolite. Other directors have dipped into directing commercials. Edgar Wright once directed an ad for Pizza Hut, featuring Nick Frost no less. What cracks me up about both ads is that each director’s respective fingerprints are all over the ads. You can tell within seconds that the ads belong to Rob Zombie and Edgar Wright. Lots and lots of other directors have filmed ads. Here are some other products that I think should have ads directed by famous directors.

Netflix, David Cronenberg
The scene: interior, James Woods’ living room. He is flipping through channels on TV and is obviously dejected, finding nothing interesting on TV. Finally he comes upon a grainy, scrambled channel, full of snow and interference. Through the snow, he can barely see a plain red screen with the Netflix logo on it. Then, as his stomach begins to rumble, he reaches into a gory, bloody cavity in his stomach, procuring a red envelope. Confused, he opens the envelope to discover a copy of Toy Story 3. He grins an eerie grin. Fade to logo and slogan.

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The Super Bowl of Movies

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself, because I find myself completely ripping off the Beer and Whiskey Brothers blog yet again. They should feel like the most flattered people on earth at this point because this is at least two or three times I’ve “borrowed” from them. But hey- they do beer and whiskey, I do movies and TV. Amazingly, ideas about both can be applied cross-discipline. So with apologies to Jim and Don over there, I present to you The Super Bowl of Movies (Wherein I Compare Cinema Based in Green Bay to Cinema Based in Pittsburgh).

Unfortunately, it’s not exactly comparing apples to oranges here. Green Bay is a teeny, tiny city (101,000 residents). The whole county has 247,000 residents. By comparison, Pittsburgh has 312,000 residents, and Allegheny County has 1.2 million residents. Green Bay would seem to be at  a bit of a disadvantage. After all, the more residents you have, the more likely you are to have films based on your area. So I’m going to level the playing field a bit and allow all films based Wisconsin into the fray. And to be completely fair, if there’s something in Pennsylvania that’s noteworthy (but isn’t based in Philadelphia), I’ll allow it as well. So what are the respective resumés for these two regions? Continue reading


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