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You Down with OOTP? Yeah, You Know Me

OOTP_HeaderI recently read a review about Out of the Park Baseball over at The Warning Sign, a magic pocket of the internet where you can find movie discussion, beer reviews, and occasional forays into baseball talk. After I asked a few questions, Eric- the wizard who creates beer, baseball, and movie content- put me in touch with the OOTP people to give it a go. I’ve been a baseball replay game nerd since I was 10, but I’ve also been very brand loyal to Strat-O-Matic baseball. However, their refusal to create a Mac-friendly version of the game has left me without a baseball replay game for a few years now. In other words, the time was ripe to give OOTP a try. Continue reading


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Movie Director Baseball Jerseys


There aren’t many opportunities to combine two of the greatest things on earth- baseball and movies. However, to quote Terrence Mann in Field of Dreams, “There comes a time when all the cosmic tumblers have clicked into place and the universe opens itself up for a few seconds to show you what’s possible.” The possibility today is that I’ve found a way to create baseball jerseys for 15 movie directors. Baseball fans will appreciate that almost all of these have a direct MLB jersey equivalent. There are even a few nods to baseball fans north of the border. Movie fans will enjoy the symbols and themes associated with each individual director. Continue reading


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Baseball at the Movies: A Timeline


Spring is right around the corner. And that means that the best sport in the world, baseball, is right around the corner. Over the next few weeks, baseball movies will flood your TV. To enhance your enjoyment of those movies and to put it all in perspective, here’s a timeline of baseball movie events. Enjoy! Continue reading


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R.I.P. Ernie Hays

Since this is a site dedicated to film and TV, most of you are asking “Who the hell is Ernie Hays?” right now. Hell, even most baseball fans would ask the same question. Forgive me for taking a break from film and TV to pay homage to someone who made my life better- Ernie Hays, the Busch Stadium organist who passed away on October 31st. Continue reading


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The (Improbable, Incredible, Overwhelming) Grinch That Stole Halloween

October is a bit of a sacred month. It’s so sacred that I start preparing for it in the middle of September. It’s the month and a half out of the year that I can put the Criterion Collection away. I can put all of the new releases aside. I stop thinking about the top shelf of cinema. That particular month and a half is dedicated to horror. Continue reading


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Extra Innings: Other Moneyball Scenarios that Could be Baseball Movies

Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jonah Hill, hits theaters this coming Friday. It’s the adaptation of Michael Lewis’ book of the same name, published in 2003. The subject of both the film and the book is Billy Beane, General Manager of Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics. The book tells the tale of how Beane’s A’s managed to compete at a very high level, year in and year out, against teams that had considerably larger budgets. Specifically, Lewis pointed to Beane’s ability to find undervalued commodities on the baseball market to maximize the value of his roster. What goes unsaid is that Beane was not the first- and certainly will not be the last- to find a way to maximize his roster with undervalued commodities. Here are some examples of other teams from baseball history who, despite mirroring Beane’s accomplishments, will never have a movie made about them. Continue reading


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Great Baseball Documentaries That Aren’t Ken Burns’ Baseball

HBO recently debuted one of their latest sports documentaries- The Curious Case of Curt Flood. Not surprisingly, it was excellent. After watching it, it made me think of the loads and loads of other great baseball documentaries (not including Ken Burns’ mammoth transcendent masterpiece, Baseball). Here are some of my favorites:

PBS American Exerience: Clementé
The American Experience creators are masters at tapping into the viewer’s emotions and this one is certainly no exception. In fact, it might be an ideal example. Even knowing how the “story” ends- with Clemente dying during a humanitarian effort to bring aid to his native Latin America- it still hit me in the gut when this episode reached that point. My only real complaint, and it’s a tiny one, is that they could have spent so much more time detailing Clementé’s life. At just under one hour, an awful lot was left unsaid about an extremely inspirational character (particularly for those in the Latino community). Admittedly, this was something of a perfect storm for me- I’m an avid baseball fan and I love PBS’ American Experience series. If either of these things intrigue you, this one registers as a must-see. Continue reading


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