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Re-Watchterpiece Theater: Donnie Brasco (1997)

A few weeks ago, I introduced Re-Watchterpiece Theater, a series that explores the organic way that attitudes about films change after you watch them a second time, a third time, or more, further down the line than the original viewing. Today, I’m going to discuss Donnie Brasco (1997), Mike Newell’s biopic about the life and times of Joe Pistone (a.k.a. Donnie Brasco), an FBI agent who infiltrated the mafia and helped bring about a flurry of convictions.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead Continue reading


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Diary of a Movie Weekend

Thanks to a brief happy hour on Friday and a couple of sporting events, including the Super Bowl on Sunday (GO PACK GO!), I didn’t really manage to knock out many movies. With a slight buzz on Friday, I opted for some lighter fare. Here’s how the movie weekend unfolded. Continue reading


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