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If Other Directors Had Made Lincoln


I finally made my way to the theater to see Lincoln, Steven Spielberg’s latest Oscar-quality drama. There were a lot of shining moments in a very solid film. Daniel Day-Lewis in the title role, a humongous and impressive cast, and a stirring finale all come to mind. But for most of the film’s running time, I couldn’t shake the thought- what would other directors have done with a historical drama about Abraham Lincoln? Continue reading


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The Presidents on Film

We’ll be holding our elections in the U.S. tomorrow. It’s not quite a choice between John Jackson and Jack Johnson, but the campaigns haven’t been particularly inspiring this year. It’s been a vicious cycle of empty platitudes from the candidates, followed by absurd political anger from voters. It’s not much fun. But movies are fun. Let’s talk about movies, and real US presidents in the movies. Where can you find some U.S. presidents on screen? Continue reading


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