Drive-In Week: Where Can You See a Drive-In Movie?


I have a treat this week. I’ve teamed up with Steve Habrat of Anti-Film School to preach the gospel of the drive-in theater. It’s a social media campaign designed to educate folks about the drive-in. You can find more about it on Twitter via #driveinsummer. Throughout the week, I’ll be posting some articles singing the praises of the format. It’s a completely unique way to see a movie. There’s nothing else like it when it comes to taking in cinema. Today, we’ll start by pointing you in the right direction. If you want to see a movie at a drive-in, what are your options? I’ve put together a Google map to help.

These are all of the drive-in theaters in the US listed on the invaluable To really engage with it, I recommend using the larger map link below it or click here.

However, this map comes with a disclaimer. There are drive-ins in the state of Kansas, but I can’t recommend that anyone go there for any reason. Enjoy! And get to a drive-in this summer.


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12 responses to “Drive-In Week: Where Can You See a Drive-In Movie?

  1. Rick

    Watertown, the smallest city in our county, has a drive-in, but I haven’t been to it. Since it is not in Kansas, I reckon I need to go.

    • Nobody should go to Kansas.

      One thing that jumped out at me when putting this together- drive-ins mostly exist in those smaller communities and suburbs. Other than of course LA, you don’t find many in the major metropolitan areas. And they’re still very abundant in, basically, college football country- the Big Ten, SEC, and (to a lesser degree) Big XII states… whatever the Big XII states are these days. I think there’s a Big XII team in Puerto Rico now.

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  3. I don’t even need to look, Bengies Drive-In. Priceless!

  4. This is great stuff John. Yes, everyone should go to a drive-in at least once in their lives. No other experience like it. Love that you included the map. Really, great work.

  5. There’s one right in Baltimore (mentioned above) Bengies. Drive-in theaters are really cool (also super cheap – like 3 movies for the less than the cost of 1 ticket at a normal movie theater). Unfortunately the owner is kind of a crazy kook. I was kicked out once in high school because we were taking pictures of each other in between movies. They threatened to call the police and have us arrested for a federal crime. Fun story. It’s still such a unique thing that I hate to take it for granted just because the owner is crazy. I’d like to visit some other ones too.

    • What on earth was his basis for that?!? What was the “federal crime” he was accusing you of? Piracy?

      • Jess

        Yes, we were taking pictures of the screen apparently. Well in their minds at least. To us, we were just goofing off on a picnic blanket after sitting through Spiderman 3. Considering the next movie was Ghostrider I’d say we dodged a bullet though.

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