A Year’s Worth of Box Office #1s and a Podcast about TNT-Filled Sharks

Apologies for the lack of content lately, but I have done some work lately that I’d like to share. If you’d like to see all of the #1’s at the box office in 2013 or hear me talk about Bergman (amongst other things), you can find it after the jump.

Box Office #1s
Here’s a piece that I made featuring every #1 film in 2013. It’s fun to see which films carried their #1 status across multiple weeks, and to see which times of year are so slow that a movie about Hansel and Gretel can reach #1. Find it here.

The FilmWhys Podcast
Over the last month, my favorite event happened when Bubba over at Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights asked me to take part in his FilmWhys podcast. Bubba’s speciality is superhero films with a dash of something extra. The FilmWhys format is a blast. Guests choose from a list of films that Bubba hasn’t seen, and there’s an accompanying superhero movie. I chose two caped crusaders- one for death, and the other for justice. Namely, I opted for the 1966 Batman film, and paired it with Bubba’s new watch, The Seventh Seal (1957). You don’t get many chances in life to talk about TNT-filled sharks and Ingmar Bergman in the same conversation, and I had the chance to do so thanks to Bubba. It’s even the first podcast I’ve ever done sober. The podcast is here.

January Movie Calendar
We’re late into January, but here’s your guide to everything you need to know about what’s out in theaters, what’s hitting blu-ray, and events that have happened in January in movie history. Find it here.

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One response to “A Year’s Worth of Box Office #1s and a Podcast about TNT-Filled Sharks

  1. Listened to the podcast. Very awesome and interesting!

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