Coming Soon: A Pub Crawl Inspired by The World’s End


Fans of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost have anxiously awaited the third film in the trio’s Cornetto Trilogy for years. Our patience will be rewarded this August in the US when The World’s End hits theaters. The third film centers around a group of friends who return to their hometown to complete a 12-bar pub crawl that they failed twenty years earlier, only to discover that something is amiss about the town. If you’d like to know more, you can find the trailer here. One of the themes of the film would appear to be attempting to relive the halcyon days of youth. Given how much I enjoy Wright, Pegg, and Frost’s work, and given that the film comes out on my birthday, it’s all given me an idea.

To commemorate the film, I’m rounding up my friends from when I was 21 and we’ll all be going to our former home of Madison, Wisconsin- returning to the scene of the crime, as it were- to go on a 12-bar pub crawl. Each of the bars is one of our old haunts. Essentially, we’re living the film the week that it comes out, but hopefully without the apocalyptic scenario. I’ve even created a teaser poster inspired by the teaser poster for The World’s End.


Note: If you’re familiar with Madison, then you probably recognize that a few of these bar names are the old names, as they’re now under new ownership. But this trip wouldn’t be the same without the same locations.


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28 responses to “Coming Soon: A Pub Crawl Inspired by The World’s End

  1. Superb John. I hope for a blow by blow account of what happens, if you can remember.

  2. Excellent idea. I was thinking of doing something similar in Manhattan.

  3. Amazing. I now want to cop your idea including making my own Baltimore bar inspired teaser poster.

    • Just imagine for a moment that you had planned to do a 12 bar pub crawl, but were stopped by the massive earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand. Now you and your mates have reorganised yourselves and plan to do it this month. But there is a little problem for you: 70% of all buildings in the CBD have fallen down, been knocked down, or planned to be knocked down. In point of fact most of the bars don’t exist anymore. I was born and raised in Christchurch and did many a pub crawl as a teenager. I wouldn’t know where to start anymore.

    • Cop away! From what I know of Baltimore- between the FTS crew and Scott Carberry who comments here- it seems like the kind of place that’d be crawling with suitable pub crawl locations.

  4. Ohhhhhh! Sign me up Yo!

    • I hereby declare you the President of the Philly Chapter of the World’s End Pub Crawl Society.

      • You may be on to something here! We should rally the blogosphere and have bloggers from across the country pull together their local pub crawl routes. Thoughts?

        • It’s funny you say that. It looks like Edgar Wright’s been inundated with people telling him of their same plan. Quite a few in the UK.

          • The UK is 3,000+ miles away. Let’s take on the USA! We can do it “liebster award” style by tagging bloggers from across the country and asking them to come up with their own pub crawl route.

            If I email you a list of 12 Philly bars, could you make me up a similar jpeg?

  5. I’m getting a tee shirt for this.

  6. The guy who was babysat by the sister of the guy who played Nuclear Man in Superman IV

    I remember J.T. Whitney’s and the Great Dane from when we went to Madison senior year. What happened to the Angelic Brewery?

    • It looks like it closed 7 or 8 years ago, but some of the higher-ups at the Angelic now work for Ale Asylum. Or that’s where they went, anyway. I’m not sure if they’re still there.

      Ale Asylum is REALLY good stuff.

  7. samfragoso

    So this is the best idea ever.

    Also: I’ve yet to see Hot Fuzz, which is quite embarrassing.

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  9. I may have to do something like this in Chicago.

    BTW, saw the anecdote from the beer blog. You and Edgar Wright are practically BFFs now, yo.

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