I Got Nothin’

I sat down to write last night just a few hours after the horrific events at the Boston Marathon. And I realized that I have absolutely nothing to say. The act of terrorism has left me so stunned and empty that I’m speechless. So rather than offering up empty platitudes or waxing on about my own selfish angst over it, there’s no article today. Writing will resume tomorrow.

If you’d like to help, MSN and Badass Digest have links. And if you’d like to feel a little better, read Patton Oswalt’s comments.


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6 responses to “I Got Nothin’

  1. Phil

    No problem, you get to take a day off from writing. I run marathons often…including Boston in 2008. I’ve stood at the spot where the first bomb went off. I wasn’t there and the few people I know who we’re there are fine, so this incident shouldn’t be any worse than any of the other regularly occurring disasters, but yet, it is. It doesn’t discourage me from running one bit – in fact, I’m now determined to get back to Boston, but I’m irrationally freaked out about the people who wait for me at the finish line. Life goes on and hopefully we will all learn something from this. Sorry for the rant in your movie space…

  2. I too, was going to write last night as well. Didn’t have the energy for it.

  3. Yeah, I felt the exact same way last night. Whatta world we live in.

    And then there’s Patton Oswalt. Man is pure class.

    • The funny thing about Oswalt is that everyone knows him as this tiny little troll and a funny, vulgar guy, but he’s a really intelligent dude.

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