The Justified Drinking Game


Bourbon. Moonshine. Apple pie moonshine. These are all tasty alcoholic beverages if you’re in Kentucky. They’re especially great beverages if you’re in Harlan County, Kentucky as it’s portrayed on the FX network show, Justified. If you’re not in Harlan County, I’ve discovered a way to magically transport you there. Simply watch Justified and play this drinking game with your family, friends, significant others, pets, and fellow degenerates seeking an excuse to get drunker than a Harlan citizen on payday.

Click on the image for the full-resolution version.



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12 responses to “The Justified Drinking Game

  1. “The Dickie”!!!! You just made my day!

    • So by my count, we’re looking at 14 shots in one hour of television last night. Gonna have to expand my Wild Turkey budget.

      • Hey, now, drinking anything but beer is your choice. If you want to go with Turkey for the whole game instead of just the commercial breaks, you run the big-time risk of being the Dickie a lot.

  2. iamcart

    Drink once if Boyd Crowder says a 50¢ word that, because of his hillbilly-esque demeanor, you feel compelled to look it up in the dictionary.

    • Boyd’s almost the perfect southern hero for stuff like that, like he chooses to sound like a hillbilly 95% of the time just so he can blow everyone away that other 5%.

  3. Ahhhh…. so you’ve started watching this show! The fact that you went to this much trouble makes me think you like it. Gonna have to reblog this brilliance at some point. Love it!

    • Thanks, G-LOOOOO! Definitely a fan. Last fall on my great big TV scoreboard, I had it at #7, just above The Walking Dead, and just below Mad Men.

      • Sweet! For me, the enjoyment of the show is all about the characters and how they play off each other. I mean, ya gotta love the menace that lurks beneath the surface of Marshall Givens (similar to his Deadwood character, but without the humor). Olyphant has always reminded me of Ray Liotta early on his career (think Something Wild and Goodfellas). And then there’s the villains. Hell of a cast of characters!

        • Olyphant, and the character of Raylan, really make the show for me.

          And yeah… the characters are a whole orchestra of southern gothic archetypes. It’s awesome. For crying out loud, there was a major plot point revolving around moonshine and a character named Coover. I think that says a lot about the show, in a good way.

          • Most definitely! It’s also kinda scared me as far as Harlan, Kentucky goes. I’ll stick to the Bourbon Trail and leave the Oxycodone Trail to those other guys. 😉

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