Great Moments in Movie History Using Stick Figures: Hausu (1977)

The Great Moments series usually falls in one of two categories. Half of the time, it’s all about using stick figures to recreate a very memorable movie moment. The other half of the time, I like to give the stick figure treatment to the wonderfully absurd moments that you can only see in movies. And today’s subject- Hausu (1977)– is a film loaded with those kinds of scenes. Specifically, I’ve tackled the man-eating piano (or girl-eating piano, in this case). Enjoy!

As always, click on the image for full resolution.


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11 responses to “Great Moments in Movie History Using Stick Figures: Hausu (1977)

  1. That looks like one creepy movie.

  2. Outstanding!!!!!! This is a one of a kind wierd film,. I love the stick figure recreation!

  3. Almost as great as the original!!! I love that batshitcrazy film!

  4. goregirl

    This is my new favouriite stick figure masterpiece! I will have to retire Zombi 2 from my desktop! I rented Hausu and loved it so much I bought the Criterion disc to watch over and over again. I love those hand painted sets, the cartoony violence, the cutesy nicknames…

    By the way…have you ever been to the Museum of Contemporary Religious Art?

    • I really want to re-watch Hausu. Checking out that scene again- “research” for the stick figures- made me realize just how weirdly special that movie is. I want to create a childrens’ theme park based on that movie.

      I haven’t been there. Actually, didn’t even know it existed until you mentioned it. But it could be very cool. I love busting St. Louis U’s chops for their Catholicism, but as a religious university, they’re pretty open-minded.

      • goregirl

        Holy Crap!! A Hausu theme park would be pretty damn spectacular! Religious art can be some crazy messed up bizarreness…It was on my list to check out. I re-stumbled upon it when I was looking for virgin mary images last week…don’t ask.

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