5 Horror Films That Scare Me: The Infographic

When Steve Habrat of Anti-Film School asked me to count down the five films that scared me, I grinned like the Cheshire cat. It gave me a bonus opportunity to write about one of my earliest loves- horror films. As I sat down to compile the list, I realized that most of what scares me all ties back to childhood. Apparently, I was steeled for life as a horror-watching adult before my 7th birthday, because I watched nearly all of my selections in 1982 at age six. Is there anything scarier than what we see when we’re children, unprepared for the fantasy worlds given to us on a movie screen? I’ve illustrated all of this the best way I know how- with an infographic detailing my list of five films that scare me, along with some fun facts about my personal quintet of terror.

For full resolution skeksises and the like, click on the image to enlarge.


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29 responses to “5 Horror Films That Scare Me: The Infographic

  1. Great one John! Carpenter’s The Thing is one of my fav Horror films! I didn’t liked Poltergeist but I was probably too old when I saw it.
    Love this infographic!

  2. I still get snapshots of Event Horizon in my nightmares… It’s all Sam Neil with no eyes… *shivers* I didn’t go to that movie expecting it to be scary. I was grossly ill-informed. I thought it was just a sci-fi thriller like maybe The Abyss or Sphere. But no… creepy.

  3. OdanUrr

    Totally agree on Dark Crystal, the disrobing scene scared the shit out of me as a kid, it’s a very beautiful film though, on of Hensons best.

  4. aleksa

    Ugh, thank you for mentioning “Event Horizon”. That movie disturbed me greatly. Also, I’m pretty sure the inordinate amount of people in my generation who are scared of clowns can probably trace that back to “Poltergeist”. Or maybe clowns are just creepy as hell.

    • Our generation had the double hit of evil clowns with Poltergeist, and then It on television. I don’t even mind clowns THAT much, but I dislike them tons more than I would because of Poltergeist. For me and Poltergeist, it really comes back to that tree. We had one of those outside of my window when I was 8, and all I could think was that the tree would come to life and try to eat me in my sleep.

      Arbor Day can kiss my ass.

  5. Craig

    Event Horizon is most notable for being the least worst film Paul W. S. Anderson has ever (and will ever) make.

    It was quite enjoyable.

    The Thing is actually great, saw it for the first time earlier this year. The kind of, wort of prequel thing (no pun intended) was so weak in comparison.

    • Have you seen any of Armond White’s writing about Paul W.S. Anderson? It’s hilarious if you’re unfamiliar. It’s especially hilarious when you realize that he’s dead serious about it.

      My gripe with the prequel/remake/whatever of The Thing was that they tried so hard to tie it to the 1982 version. By the way, if you haven’t seen the 1950s version… it’s a lot of fun.

  6. Wow. Great infographic once again John. You’re really good at making these! Also I don’t like your older brothers anymore :O

  7. goregirl

    Fabulous! These infographics are just great! I need to revisit EVENT HORIZON…have not seen it in years. How delightful that you found a way to include muppets in a horror film list. Put a big old hammy smile on my face it did 😉

    • I bet my brothers thought that since that movie had muppets, it was perfectly ok for a little kid to watch. And the next thing you know, they’re sucking the soul out of the cast of Fraggle Rock and I’m traumatized for life.

  8. Victor De Leon

    The Thing and Poltergeist! Good list, John. 1982 was such a great year for movies. Event Horizon is a pleasant surprise. The ship boarding sequence is still scary to this day.

  9. Alex Withrow

    Man, Event Horizon. I forgot how damn scary that thing was when I first saw it. Also, I LOVE Ichabod and Mr. Toad!

    • Ichabod and Mr. Toad is the perfect movie to show little kids if they’re adventuresome.

      Event Horizon… look, Sam Neil has no eyes and people speak Latin in it. That’s jacked up.

  10. Damn, 1982 was a good year.

    • It really was. The Cardinals won the World Series, and horror ruled the landscape. Whatever other flaws 1982 had, those two things will always make me happy.

  11. HAHAH They scare me too!! But then everything does

  12. Max

    I laugh when people say they are afraid of The Dark Crystal. Sure it’s a weird puppet movie, but that’s all it is. Now the original live action Frankieweenie, that thing was terrifying as a child.

    • In fairness, I was 6 when I saw it, and my brothers left me in a really old Revolutionary War graveyard on the way home. It was a double whammy. As if the movie wasn’t jacked up enough for a little kid, I now have the long-term memory of associating it with hanging out after dark in October in a really old creepy graveyard.

      • impsndcnma

        I think I would be scared to be left in a graveyard now at 26, nevermind when I was six. I can see where the horror comes from then.

  13. Ha, I was just commenting on another blog about how freaked out I was by Ichabod and Mr. Toad as a kid…

    • When you’re a kid, it’s pretty jacked up stuff. It’s honestly great storytelling on Disney’s part. Throw in that it was originally made when horror was only for adults, and they had made it for kids… they hit it out of the park.

      So now I’m not exactly scared of it, but it taps into the feelings I had when I was 6, and was COMPLETELY terrified of that film. It gave me nightmares back in the day.

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