Disney’s Monsters University Website vs. Actual University Websites

As you may know, Disney and Pixar are releasing a sequel to Monsters, Inc. (2001). It comes out next summer, and it’s called Monsters University. I’m honestly not sure what else the film will be about, but it clearly involves the lovable kind of monsters from the first film, and they’ll be attending a university. As part of the marketing campaign, the official website for the film is a fictional university website for Monsters University. As a graphic designer for a major university, I can tell you that the people who created this are eerily accurate. To illustrate that fact, I’ve taken a lot of screenshots of notable university websites to compare and contrast to the Monsters University page.

First, here’s a link to the Monsters University page, and a screenshot:

Here’s Northwestern University:

Harvard University:

The University of Wisconsin:

Cornell University:

 Yale University:

Stanford University:

Johns Hopkins University:

Duke University:

Boston College:

University of Georgia:

I could continue but I think you get the point. It’s really funny, and I tip my cap to the Disney/Pixar people. They’ve perfectly captured all of the clichés of university websites, right down to the warm and fuzzy pictures of students doing yoga in the quad. What’s most impressive about it is that you can drill down through all the layers of the Monsters University website. It includes human resources info for faculty and staff, student and faculty ID cards, a campus map, an event calendar, admissions information, a favicon, and so much more. If you have a few minutes, it’s well worth your visit.

I should probably also clarify that I mean no disrespect whatsoever to the designers who created these respective university websites. I’ve only included them to call attention to how impressed I am with the work of the Disney/Pixar people.


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14 responses to “Disney’s Monsters University Website vs. Actual University Websites

  1. speedygonzales97

    Reblogged this on The random daily life… and commented:
    My childhood has been made! Now waiting for Hogwart’s acceptance letter…

  2. I believe monsters university will act as a prequel. Didn’t know they had made a website, even the logo is believable!!

    • Ha… I’m glad someone pointed out the logo. I love that logo. It’s so spot-on for university logos- the shield, the establishment date, the book…

  3. Holy crap, that is some dedication.

  4. ahahahahhahha love it! Can’t wait to scroll through the website.

  5. I love that no ugly people go to University.

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  7. I love it! I think I would want to go there if it was a real university! 🙂 Pixar is magical. 🙂

  8. Yeah, so convincing right down to the events calendar!! Some people might be tricked into applying 🙂

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