Actual Movie/TV Dreams That I’ve Had

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.
-John Lennon

We’ve all had dreams with odd circumstances, odd characters, and odd results. It’s part of being human- our subconscious likes to mess with us when we snooze. Dreams are sort of a depository for the random things that enter our skulls throughout the day. And when you take in a lot of pop culture, it’s bound to show up in your dreams. Here are some examples of dreams that I’ve had where movies and TV have forced their way into the equation.

In the dream, it was really a naked mole rat with Mel Gibson’s face. But I “logically” identified it as a gerbil.

I once had a dream where I was watching a movie that featured a teenage Iranian girl and Mel Gibson as a cartoon gerbil.
The movie was some kind of coming of age/sex comedy/drama thing, very much an independent film (despite the fact that it starred Mel Gibson). The Iranian girl had moved to the US and was troubled in high school. She was trying to talk her boyfriend into sex. Right before they had sex, the camera would cut to Mel the Gerbil (he was pink, by the way), and his neck would grow to five times the regular size. Basically, it was a hilarious erection reference. And then it’d cut back to the Iranian girl having sex with her boyfriend. You’re probably assuming that this had something to do with Mel’s movie, The Beaver. The truth is that I had this dream well before that movie was made.

Last winter, I dreamed that I had created Hugo from start to finish.
I had come up with the concept, the book, the screenplay, and everything else. And then Scorsese directed. Here’s the snag- my book and the screenplay were never actually written out in any traditional sense. I had written them in binary or something, with a bunch of zeroes and ones. I have never used binary in my life. All I know is that it’s something computer programmers use (or used to use). Also, the film had another name. I didn’t think Hugo was the right title for my binary movie. Unfortunately, I don’t remember and I didn’t write down the proper name in my dream.

A way to fix career mistakes

I had a dream where I was sitting behind Steven Spielberg at a movie sometime during the 1990s.
Before the movie started, I asked him if he ever wished if he could have had a role in Back to the Future so he could use the time-traveling DeLorean to go back in time and make Back to the Future instead of just producing it. What I find most fascinating about this is that I wasn’t sitting behind Spielberg today, tomorrow, or yesterday. It was very specifically the 1990s. I don’t know how I identified the era.

In my dream, I somehow managed to attend a game at both Wrigley Field and Commiskey Park… at the same time.
Because of the difficulty of parking in Chicago, I had parked on top of the trestles in Chicago. The trestles had wooden slats placed atop them for people to park. I was with friends. When we all got out of my car to walk to the ballpark, Freddy Krueger reached up through the slats and tried to attack us, but I got away. There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this dream. I went to Wrigley earlier this summer with my brothers, and I watched Freddy vs. Jason later that same week.

The stuff of nightmares.

I once wandered onto the set of Roseanne in a dream.
Upon reading this, a few friends of mine will say “He’s finally telling the story!” And that’s because this is the weirdest dream I’ve ever had. I was lost in the woods. These weren’t just any woods. They were the magnificent, pine-filled forests of the upper midwest. Eventually, I saw a house in the distance, resting in a valley. I walked down to it, opened the door… and realized that I had walked into the house from Roseanne. It was seemingly empty. I walked around, looking for any sign of life. After a few minutes, I heard a rustling noise around a corner. With Hitchcockian suspense, I followed the noise, curious to find the source. Eventually, I arrived at an open door. I could see John Goodman (or Dan Connor, it’s not clear which role he was in). He was seated at a computer with his back turned to me. I inched closer and realized that he was watching porn… and pleasuring himself. When he inevitably heard me, he whipped his head around and yelled “Get the fuck out of my house!” Then I woke up, horrified.

There are a few discussion questions here. First, even though I think dreams are mostly meaningless, I’d love to hear some analysis of this stuff. What’s your take on my movie/tv dreams? Second, what movie dreams have you had?


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17 responses to “Actual Movie/TV Dreams That I’ve Had

  1. OdanUrr

    I’ve been Bill Murray like a hundred times, but I never make any movies, I just drink coffee and lie in a big-ass bed with silk-sheets and watch bad shows on TV, it’s very nice:)

  2. I often dream that I meet a director I admire: Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino (who I already encountered but did not went to him because I was too shy).
    Spielberg was also a director I met in my dreams and I actually worked with him on some movie. As I remember it was something like AI.
    Nice dreams. I would suggest Jung’s writings if you would like to reach for the meanings of those dreams.

  3. surroundedbyimbeciles

    You are watching way too many movies. Your addiction is causing hallucinations.

  4. goregirl

    I have often considered doing a post like this. I have very vivid dreams and movies almost always seem to work their way in there to some extent. I started keeping a notepad by my bed about 3 years ago for the purpose of recording my dreams. I watch a fairly insane amount of films so it seems perfectly natural they should work their way into my thoughts. It has been interesting looking back at my dream notes juxtaposed with what was going on in my life at the time. In at least a few cases I totally see the logic. For instance, my cat died and I had been contemplating getting another cat and possibly a dog. I had a dream that John Turturro bought me a cat which he beat to death as I watched because I didn’t want to accept his gift. He didn’t just beat the cat…he beat it to a bloody unrecognizable pulp! Evidently, I still do not have a pet. After a breast cancer scare I had a dream that I was an eye-patch wearing spy posing as a German lounge singer. I was covering Black Sabbath songs no less?!?!! The funny thing was even in my dream I did an absolutely dreadful German accent! Lemmy and Rainer Werner Fassbinder were in attendance and at some point I ended up sitting with the two who were having a heated debate about breasts. Lemmy preferred big tits while Fassbinder like small tits. I’ll have to leave out the rest of that dream…it gets rather “spicy”! I even had a dream about you once! We were at Tom Savini Camp! We made a horror-comedy which Savini liked so much that he “shopped” it around and someone familiar that I could not quite place agreed to finance it. It was basically Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil…but I hadn’t actually seen the film at that time, just read about the premise which I thought was so cleverly simple. There was nothing in my life that provoked this dream – it was just nonsense – but it was fabulously fun nonsense!

    This comment is obnoxiously long! I could probably go on for hours on this topic…

    • With all due respect to your dear, departed cat, that John Turturro dream is hilarious. This begs the question- why was John Turturro the one who bought you the cat?

      Re: the German spy dream, was that on or around Inglourious Basterds?

      You have no idea how much I wish we’d come up with Tucker and Dale.

      • goregirl

        Five Corners. Have you seen it? For all of the horror films I’ve seen theTurturro-Foster-penguin scene has always stuck with me! I think the spy dream was at least partially the result of watching The Night Porter and Mata Hari back to back nights.

        • I have not, so that’s another recommendation.

          Along those lines, I watched “Happy Birthday to Me” the other day based on your recommendation. That ending was the bee’s knees.

          • goregirl

            Five Corners didn’t rock my world as a whole…but the John Turturro bits are worth seeing the movie for. Happy Birthday to Me is so very 80s…the ending is just classic.

  5. Vladdy

    When I was younger (but grown), I had a semi-rare recurring dream where I would be out and about and I would spot Doris Day, who would see me and take off running. Basically, all that ever happened was I chased her until I woke up or the dream changed. Never caught her and never was aware why I wanted to.

  6. Oh my God, I loved this post. Damn near all of my dreams are movie-related anymore.

  7. HAHA Brilliant.

    I can’t remember any FILM dreams that I want to mention in public, most were way to sexy for this audience and involve Kirsten Dunst….

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