Twenty Signs That You’re a Movie Geek

When I was in a fraternity, we had a secret handshake. It was straight out of Animal House (1978). We actually made fun of it a lot. And yet, to this day, I can identify other people who have been in my fraternity by following that same ridiculous ritual. The same sort of rules apply to identifying a fellow movie geek. None of us can keep a poker face when certain topics arise. Here are just 20 signs that you’re a movie geek. 

1. Film company idents elicit a Pavlovian response of excitement.

2. You have strong opinions about digital projection.

3. Half of your DVR is full of TCM films.

4. You can name two or more cinematographers.

5. You once broke up with someone because of their taste in movies.

6. The name “Kino” means something to you.

7. You own a region-free DVD player, and…

8. a VCR just in case you can’t find a DVD copy of a movie.

Dead everywhere except the homes of film geeks.

9. You’ve bought multiple copies of the same movie because of the bonus features.

10. The word “subtext” is in your vernacular when you talk about movies.

11. People are too intimidated to talk about movies with you.

12. You have a favorite film movement.

13. The mere mention of Michael Bay’s name makes you angry.

But… but… he cared SO MUCH about movies!

14. You admire Ed Wood’s enthusiasm, if not his quality.

15. You know what a foley artist does…

16. and you have a favorite foley artist.

17. You’ve ever become a bigger fan of a filmmaker because of their Criterion Top 10 list.

This is a thing that happens.

18. Alex DeLarge’s outfit from A Clockwork Orange seems like a great Halloween costume for you… to put on a child.

19. Watching a dubbed movie sounds like nails on chalkboard.

20. You have favorite film critics.


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43 responses to “Twenty Signs That You’re a Movie Geek

  1. Guess I’m not a real one then, only was able to say yes to about 7 of them…

  2. Damn, I don’t have a favorite foley artist… And I wouldn’t dress my kid as Alex, not after seeing this:
    That is awesome

    • Holy crap… Predator kid is badass.

      My friend (who comments here a lot as “Dude”) joked that for his kid’s first Halloween, he wanted to dress him up as a samurai baby and go as Lone Wolf and Cub.

  3. On number 19 I have to disagree slightly. In general, dubbing is the work of the devil, but when it comes to trashy Italian genre movies from the 60s-80s and kung fu movies, dubbing is the only way to go.

  4. Well, let’s see…I answered yes to 16 of the questions, so I guess I’m a film geek.Loved the article!!

  5. I plead guilty to all of the above! Excellent piece about cinephilia! I love it.

  6. OdanUrr

    Only missed out on the cinematographers, could only name one, but great article, keep up the good work!

  7. impsndcnma

    I’m not all of these, but you should make a chart that would define what level of movie geek you are if you got so many correct. I think I fall under 12 of them.

  8. aleksa

    #19 came up yesterday while watching “The Host”. I grab violently for my remote when the English track comes up automatically on a foreign film.

  9. Vladdy

    19 and I’m assuming favorite foley artist will be an uncommon shared point. This was so much fun to read. I knew it would be good at #1, Pavlovian response is the perfect way to put it!

  10. My friends feel too scared to have an opinion on anything around me, let alone about films :D! And I get a kind of excitement when I see the ‘Scott Free’, ident Screams visual quality.

  11. HOLY POOP,it’s almost a GPOY to me. Yes I am trying to achieve a region-free DVD in my MAC now.. I know the cinematographers’ name,I love old films. I have a fave film movement. Expect I am the wiki of my class…I only freak at the name of Nolan.

    • My region-free player broke down earlier this year, and I’ve been kind of bummed about it. I never did replace it. Coby sells one- I think it’s the 224?- that’s REALLY cheap. I think it’s $25-30. But you get what you pay for. I got a year and a half out of it.

  12. I am the same as Nostra… NOT A MOVIE GEEK…

    Or should that be FILM GEEK, as a movie is definitely different to a film…

  13. Alex Withrow

    Ha shit, all of these apply to me. Like… really. A proud movie geek indeed!

  14. ilovethatfilm

    Love this list. There’s a few that don’t apply but I’m damn proud to resist throwing away my VHS player. That would render all my video collection useless!

  15. ilovethatfilm

    21 should be you have a blog with a title that is a reference to Star Wars.

  16. Yes,yes and yes,especially 9 and 17.

  17. 19: aaaahhh, but wait…I’m with Dave in comments. Have you watched the dubbed Argento horror movies(1970-1987) and dubbed Sergio Leone Dollars Trilogy(1964-1966) Great stuff actually. There, I proved I’m a geek 🙂

  18. I think my sister would fall under the category of a movie geek. She fits a good chunk of these descriptions. Though it could be that she’s picky with the films she watches.

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