Great Moments in Movie History Using Stick Figures… Sort of: The Last Waltz (1978)

Goregirl recently reminded me of a busted promise that I had made- that I would turn Friday into Stick Figure Friday. As you may recall, when I started this site, the one thing that I knew I wanted to do was institute a series of great moments in movie history, memorialized using stick figures. It’s where the TDYLF tagline comes from– come for the stick figures, stay for the Bergman. The last one I created was three months ago, almost to the day, and that means I’ve neglected my duties as Minister of Stick Masterism. Today, it returns with The Last Waltz (1978)… sort of.

You see, I started to make this using stick figures, but I was using Photoshop instead of Illustrator. The majority of Great Moments have been created using Illustrator. Photoshop is a different creature. At any rate, as I kept going, I realized that I was getting further away from the “stick figure” part of things. Still, my friend Marty had recently challenged me to try something new. So I pressed on. What I created isn’t exactly a stick figure- not even close, really- but I think it works as a borderline shitty folk art representation of the scene. And the scene I’ve chosen is Neil Young’s performance in The Last Waltz– the one where post-production had to scrape out a giant cocaine booger from his nose. I’ve restored the coke booger. It’s cinema verité… with stick figures… that aren’t really stick figures. Enjoy!

The original image that I used for inspiration follows.


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8 responses to “Great Moments in Movie History Using Stick Figures… Sort of: The Last Waltz (1978)

  1. History unravels before our eyes!

  2. surroundedbyimbeciles

    A few weeks ago, I saw The Last Waltz on the big screen. Our local historic, art house theater showed it to honor the passing of Levon Helm. It was an awesome experience. I only wish it had focused on Helm more than Robbie Robertson.

    Great post and great illustration.

  3. goregirl

    Beauty! Did you pick a Canadian legend with a coke booger in his nose in my honor?

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