The Odd Life of Timothy Green Reviewed by a Five-Year Old

The last you saw of my five-year old film critic nephew Jason was when he helped me review The Blues Brothers (1980). You see, I like to ask my nephew to review the movies that he sees, like Cars 2 and Arthur Christmas. For a few weeks, he had been asking me to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green. I had no clue what to think of it because I didn’t know much about the movie. But if he wanted to see it, that made me happy. As it turns out, it was an extraordinarily pertinent film. We made our way to the theater this past weekend. Afterwards, I sat down with Jason and asked him his thoughts about the movie.

Before going further, allow me to interject. You see, Jason is adopted by two parents who couldn’t love him any more than they do. Seeing my brother and sister-in-law create a family with this child is one of the best things I’ve witnessed in my life. And this film is Disney’s tip of the cap to adoption. Personally, I could take or leave the movie- it’s certainly full of schmaltz. But the adoption theme, and seeing it with my nephew, made it loads more special.  Here’s the full transcript of my discussion with Jason about The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

John: Ok, so you saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green. What did you think?

Jason: Well, the best part was when, uh… I think I like everything.

John: You like everything. Well, tell everybody what it was about.

Jason: Uh… something like Tim… um…

John: What was Timothy Green about?

Jason: A child who grows from the garden.

John: And then what happens?

Jason: At the end, he disappeared.

John: Did he have anything special about him?

Jason: He growed leaves around his legs.

John: What color were the leaves?

Jason: Green.

John: Is that why they named him…

Jason: Yeah, Timothy Green.

John: And, what else can you tell me about the movie?

Jason: I don’t know.

John: Did you like it more or less…

Jason: No, please, don’t… wait!

Tim’s Uncle Bub- M. Emmet Walsh

John: than The Blues Brothers?

Jason: I need one more piece of gum. I just… Oh! Sorry!
Jason had lost the piece of gum I had given him earlier. It had fallen from his mouth, onto his leg. He found it and returned it to its proper place- his mouth.

John: Did you like it more or less than The Blues Brothers?

Jason: More.

John: Did you like it more or less than The Smurfs?

Jason: More.

Timothy Green: no match for Jigsaw

John: Did you like it more or less than Saw?

Jason: What? Who’s Saw?

John (laughing): You haven’t seen Saw, have you?

Jason: Yes. I did.

John: You’ve seen Saw?!?! What’s it about?

Jason: It’s about a movie where a person turns into a saw!

John: Ohhhh, ok. And, so did you like Timothy Green more than Saw?

Jason: Saw.

John: You liked Saw better?

Jason: Yeah.

John: Ok. Because he turns into a saw?

Jason (excitedly): Yeah.

John: Ok.

John: What was your favorite part about Timothy Green?

Jason: When he… um… um… I don’t know.

John: Were there any people who looked like lizards in that movie?

Jason (walking away): Unintelligible

John: Wait… say THAT into the microphone.

Jason: I just want to play Legos with you.


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15 responses to “The Odd Life of Timothy Green Reviewed by a Five-Year Old

  1. And what did you built with Jason?
    It’s interesting to hear or know what a child got from a movie watching experience since they haven’t seen as much as a twenty or thirty something grownup they are fresh from preinterpretations and a whole cinematic background. Keep the good work of initiating your nephew to your passion John!

    • He has some Star Wars lego guys. We were playing with those in a “cave” made up of two pillows. I don’t know if he knows they’re from Star Wars or not, though.

      I think I’m officially “the movie uncle” in his mind. And I like that. It’s a great bonus chance to spend time with him.

  2. I would love to see a movie about someone that turns into a saw.

  3. I do love these features matey, I have tried so often to get my girls to play this game and failed epically. Well done (again)

  4. “I just want to play Legos with you.”


  5. sanclementejedi

    John, I am so happy that your nephew did not have the same reaction as those two blubbering, crying kids in that video that is making the rounds on the internets.
    Also horray Legos… way more expensive than when were little but also way cooler.

    • I laughed my ass off when I saw that video. Those poor kids. I didn’t even know it existed until I started trying to find out more about Timothy Green.

  6. Nai

    Greatest interview ever.

  7. Playing legos beats just about everything. Seriously.

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