Too Many Movies, Too Little Time

It would appear that I have developed one of the first worldiest of first world problems. You see, I simply find myself short of time these days. And what, you may ask, would I do with more time? Would I volunteer at a homeless shelter? Would I pour more hours into my job, which I love? Are there mistreated puppies and kitties that need me to save them? Nope. I need more time to watch movies.

Hey, there’s Jack Warner again! What a swell guy he was!

As I’ve mentioned quite a few times (humble brag!!!), I’ve been asked to participate in the Warner Brothers Blu-Ray Elite program. For over a month now, I’ve received three free blu-rays per week from Warner Brothers. To date, they’ve sent me 18 free blu-rays. If those were the only films I watched, it would be perfectly manageable. And if they sent me garbage that I wasn’t compelled to watch, it would add virtually no time to my regular movie-watching week. Neither of those things are true. The quality has been great in a lot of cases, and it’s forced me to revisit several beloved films, some of them among the best ever made. All of this is in addition to my regular movie-watching habits.

All of that–my regular movie-watching habits coupled with the Warner Blu-rays–would still leave me on the brink of manageability. It’s more than the regular load, but it’s good for me because it keeps me out of trouble. But there’s more. As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m desperately trying to cram for the annual list of best French films that I write each July. That project pushes me past manageability, and part of my regular movie-watching each week has been sacrificed to make room. You have to prioritize, after all.

“Play with me,” sobs the DVR (which is technically not a Tivo).

Prioritizing means that one other bullet in my movie-watching arsenal, my trusty DVR, has more or less been neglected. It sits silently, sobbing next to my TV as it’s ignored time and time again, begging for me to give it some love. And it grows fatter and fatter each week with films I’d scheduled to record that go unwatched. It’s practically bursting at the seams by now.

There are so many elements converging here. The DVR, the Warner Brothers project, and the French film obsession are all wonderful and daunting at the same time. But none of those things compare to actually having a life. Being a functioning member of society is just another element. This past weekend is a prime example. I had a 4-day weekend, which I spent traveling to Wisconsin to celebrate my niece’s high school graduation and pending departure for Clemson University. She’s a wonderful kid and I’m very proud of her. No matter how many movies I need to watch to fill some crazy self-imposed quota, I’d be damned if I missed a chance to honor her hard work.*

So here I am, juggling a bunch of movies. In some warped way, too many movies have become a problem. I’m sure it all sounds ridiculous. Please feel free to make fun of me for it.  Just understand that I know it’s a damned good problem to have.

*Besides, I still feel guilty for missing her sister’s graduation party and I’m just as proud of her.

Side note: had I written this in 1997, I would’ve named it “Mo Movies, Mo Problems”. And now I feel old.


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20 responses to “Too Many Movies, Too Little Time

  1. It is a wonderful problem to have, and I am blessed with the same problem. I have tons and tons of stuff to watch, and I love it, though the amount does become daunting at times. It’s reassuring to know I won’t ever run out of films to watch though!

    • I’m just glad I’m not ready for a break yet. I get little pockets of days here and there, and they’re just enough of a breather.

  2. This is a problem I can all too easily relate to. And I’m not even getting three Blu-ray discs a week.

    • It just went into overdrive. My next batch of Blu includes Life and Planet Earth, the two BBC documentaries. 17+ hours of documentary footage.

  3. was that Biggie song really from nineteen ninety friggin SEVEN!!! i feel old too now.

  4. Same thing here Mr. LaRue! I have dozens of films on my DVR, DVDs and Blu-rays still warped and unwatched… Since I’m moving into my first house in a week time for movie watching has been considerably reduced!
    So to have the choice between the gift of invisibility or to stop time I think I would stop time to catch up on my movie watching time!

  5. Too many movies, too little time indeed. That’s exactly my sentiment and I don’t even get free Blu-rays like you. Speaking of which, how does one get invited to Warner Brothers Blu-Ray Elite program? 😀

    • I was lucky enough that they reached out to me, but unfortunately I’m not sure how you might get involved. I think it’s ending very soon. I might get one more batch.

  6. Ben

    Exactly the same problem. My DVR is full, I have Blu-Rays and DVD’s that are still in their wrapping and I get LoveFilm discs that sit next to my telly, waiting to be watched and sent back. What’s worse is that I have insisted on writing a review for every film I watch this year and I’m WAY behind!!!

  7. Same for me, I have difficulty on what film to watch and realize how many films you need to watch. Here is a tip I usually do whenever I borrow DVDs from the library,I often mixed up the genre or country every few days so that I have a fresher mindset. Hope it helps 🙂

    • Heh… I am the exact opposite. I find one genre or country or director or actor that I like and I dive into it full-bore. I’m like that kid that can’t start eating the next thing on his plate until the first thing is finished.

  8. I totally hear ya. Beside working 55-60 hours a week and keeping AM running as much as humanly possible, there is this unbearable chore of watching movies!!! Arrrrrgh lol.

    But we will survive, I promise.

  9. mettemk

    Haha, same here.
    But luckily I’m still at high school, and on summer holidays now… so I’m watching a lot of movies currently. Actually I see a lot more movies than I’ve ever done before, generally, but the more movies I see the more I want to see, and the less time I feel I have.
    It’s complicated, being a film buff, isn’t it?
    I also see that social life counts most – I have a lot of plans for the holidays, going to a music festival and France with my friends… so there’s going to be less movies then.

  10. Hey John – nice sum up to the program. I’ve been trying to get mine finished up and posted and well, finally I just did. Included a little shout out to your post here (the inspiration for mine). Please drop by and give it a look. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff here. Cheers->

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