The Blues Brothers, Reviewed by a Five-Year-Old

Film criticism apparently runs in my family. My nephew Jason, now 5 years old, pops in at TDYLF from time to time with reviews of films that he has seen. It started with Cars 2, and continued with Arthur Christmas. I asked my brother- my nephew’s father- over the weekend if he wanted to see The Blues Brothers (1980) on the big screen. His first question was “Is it ok if Jason comes along?”. And so it came to pass that Jason’s father and uncle took him to see an R-rated movie at age 5. Afterwards, I sat down with Jason and asked him his thoughts about the movie. Here’s the full transcript:
Side note: my nephew’s trip to see this movie also came with a frank discussion about foul language and bad behavior, which is really the only transgression that pushed The Blues Brothers to an R rating.

John: You saw the Blues Brothers. Did you like it? What was your favorite part?

The best part of the Blues Brothers: EVERYTHING!!!

Jason: (demonic giggling) My favorite part was when… when… um… um… EVERYTHING!

John: Everthing? Did you like the part where the car ran into a mall? Was that funny?

Jason: No. I like everything.

John: Still everything, huh? Did you have a favorite song? Maybe Sweet Home Chicago?

Jason: No.

John: No? Sweet Home Chicago wasn’t your favorite song?

Jason: Nope.

John: Who’s your favorite Blues brother? Jake or Elwood?

Jason: I think the one with the… uh… is Jake the skinny one or the fat one?

John: Jake is the fat one, and Elwood is the skinny one.

Jason: I like Elwood.

John: You like the skinny one better?

The skinny, and therefore favorite, Blues Brother.

Jason: He’s skinny like me!

John: What else did you like about the movie?


John: Everything still? You’re sticking to that answer, aren’t you?

Jason: Yep.

John: Did you like the music?

Jason: No.

John: You didn’t like the music? But you were dancing to it.

Jason: (giggling) Nuh-uh.

John: You were too!

Jason: I was just joking when I was dancing.

John: Do you have anything else you want to say about the Blues Brothers?

Jason: No.

John: Did you have fun at the movie?


Jason: …except my doggie.

John: Did the dog go?

He absolutely, positively did not dance during these scene… except when he was just joking.

Jason: No.

John: Did they use some words in the Blues Brothers that you shouldn’t use?

Jason: Mmm-hmmm.

John: You wouldn’t say those words if I asked you, would you?

Jason: (giggling) No. How about cuckoo?

John: Cuckoo? I think you could maybe use that word in the right situation.

John: Was that one woman angry with Jake, the fat Blue?

Jason: No.

John: Did you like the part where they drove through the mall in their car?

Jason: Yeah!

John: Do you think it’s a good idea to drive through the mall with your car?

Jason: (giggling) No. I want to say something else.

John: What else would you like to say?

Jason: Um… it was kinda funny. I liked the part where the woman in the church slammed them with that stick.

John: Because they were saying all of those bad words?

Jason: Yeah. That was funny!

John: What was her name? Do you remember? Was it the Penguin?

Jason: No.

John: What other parts did you think were funny?

Jason: (shrugs shoulders) That’s all the funny parts.

John: What parts did you like? Besides everything?

Jason: Everything!

John: (laughing) Was there any specific part that you really, really liked?

Jason: Everything.

John: So on a scale from 1 to 10, how good was the Blues Brothers?

Jason: One.

John: One?!?

Jason: No, no, I mean ten. Ten.

John: Did you like it more or less than the Smurfs?

In a battle of things that are blue, The Blues Brothers are triumphant over the Smurfs in my nephew’s head.

Jason: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh… BLUES BROTHERS!

John: You liked it better than the Smurfs?

Jason: Yeah.

John: How about Arthur Christmas?

Jason: What’s Arthur Christmas?

John: It’s about that boy in the sweater who saves Christmas. He’s Santa’s son. Do you remember when we went to see it?

Jason: No.

John: (laughing) You don’t remember it at all? You DEFINITELY like the Blues Brothers better than that one, huh?

Jason: And I like…

John: The Muppets? Did you like Blues Brothers better than the Muppets?

Jason: Yeah, just Blues Brothers. What was your favorite part? Let me ask YOU the questions!

John: My favorite part?

Jason: You have to speak into the microphone.

John: Will do, sir. My favorite part… I liked the end where they were performing in that concert. Remember the end? The big concert?

Jason: (giggling, long pause)

John: Alright, all done.


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18 responses to “The Blues Brothers, Reviewed by a Five-Year-Old

  1. HAHA I do love these posts John. I tried to do the same kind of thing with my Daughters with similar results…. EVERYTHING!!

  2. Fantastic. Can’t blame the kid for saying “everything.” It’s kind of a perfect comedy.

  3. Kids don’t giggle demonicly, John! Great post. Would love to meet Jason one day.

  4. Loved the post. Reminded me how happy I was when I saw this movie for the first time as a kid.

    • I didn’t see it for the first time until 2 or 3 years ago. I don’t know how that happened. But I’ve seen it several times since.

  5. I think I was also five when I first saw that with my dad! Jason should get a regular feature here!

  6. Love the film and Jason was kind of spot on with everything – it’s the most all round funny comedy movie of all time and contains something for everyone.

  7. Phil

    I’m somewhere in the background when they were chasing through Chicago. I had no idea what was going on until I saw the movie a year later. It is also the only movie to mention my suburban home town of Mt. Prospect.

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  9. I need to do more of these with my 5 year old daughter. I’ve tried a couple times on video with mixed results. Kids + Movies = fun. Her favorite movie so far would probably be Batman: The Movie. And her favorite movie that she probably should have watched was Batman: Under the Red Hood.

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