Ten Common Wookiee Problems

At first glance, wookiee life looks glamorous. Wookiees in the Star Wars universe were heroes. They were loyal, they were courageous, and they were universally feared (and that applies to many universes). But a wookiee’s life isn’t all fun and games. The life of a wookiee comes with many problems. For instance:


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13 responses to “Ten Common Wookiee Problems

  1. Craig

    Great post, though I am concerned I share too many similarities with a wookie.

    And it really is hard to find high-quality wookie porn.

  2. Phil

    Getting home to celebrate Life Day?

  3. Gonna have to share this with The Wookie next door…

  4. The Wookie

    It ain’t easy being a Wookie. Just a note — Not even Wookies want to watch two Wookies going at it in Wookie porn. So there isn’t really a demand for Wookie porn. Now Ewok porn is a totally different subject.

  5. Victor De Leon

    awesome list. you did forget one though. listening to Han bitch about your repairs on the Falcon.

  6. Those poor, furry bastards…

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