Going Blu: A New Project

When it comes to the technical side of the home viewing experience, I’m a bit of a troglodyte. I know good presentation when I see it but I’m often perfectly content to watch low definition versions with middling bonus features. But that’s all about to change. I’m about to put aside my magic lantern and join the 21st century by digging into the world of Blu-ray. The impetus behind this came when I was selected to be a member of Blu-ray Elite, a beta program from Warner Home Video.

For no reason at all (*cough*FREEMOVIES*cough*), here’s a picture of Jack Warner, who was a swell guy.

In the coming weeks, Warner Brothers will be sending me free Blu-ray discs (thank you, Warner). And in turn, I’ll be writing about my experiences as I grasp the world of Blu-ray. First lesson: the appropriate spelling is “Blu-ray”, with a capital B, a lower case r, and a hyphen (not an en-dash or em-dash) between the two words. I feel a lot like a little kid getting shuttled away on a school bus for the first time ever. I’m really excited to add the extra weight to my viewing experience.

Mostly, I’m writing about this to let you all know why I might be writing more about bonus features and film definition in the coming weeks. I just received my first batch of films. I’ve seen all three films, but never on Blu-ray. And in the case of two of the films, I haven’t seen them for at least a few years. This makes them prime candidates for Re-watchterpiece Theatre. I could tell you what those films are but then I’d have to shoot you. Stay tuned!


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23 responses to “Going Blu: A New Project

  1. Wow, this sounds interesting. I’m a bit of a troglodyte too. I own a Blu-ray player, but only a handful of BD discs. Pretty proud of Apocalypse Now and Natural Born Killers, though; they’re both excellent BD releases I’m glad to own.

    • I’m happiest that the stuff they sent is ripe for a good Blu experience (i.e. I didn’t get My Dinner with André on Blu, so I won’t be writing a huge article about the definition on a pimple on Wallace Shawn’s face).

  2. Elite?? Elite?? I want me some of this!! Curse you Atlantic Ocean!!

    Seriously cool my friend

  3. Damn, that’s pretty awesome. I really need some motivation to get myself a Blu-ray player

    • I kept telling myself I’d do it when I got my new TV, and I kept delaying that purchase for other things. Finally I just broke down.

  4. Nice you are in for a treat.

  5. I am so jealous my friend! How do we sign up for free stuff?

  6. Victor De Leon

    That is awesome news! Thanks for sharing that with us. I have a pretty decent Blu collection and some are from WB. I have, though, very little time to really delve into special features and commentaries. I look forward to you sharing that all with us.

    • Any recommendations for Blu-rays I should buy? I’ve got my eye on a handful as prime candidates for the format.

      • Victor De Leon

        The Dark Knight, John Carpenter’s The Thing, Peter Jackson’s King Kong are some. What is your favorite genre? I can suggest some more.

  7. Welcome to the Blu club,John.I’m curious what are the 3 BDs you received from WB but I think you want to create some suspense here.I’m a huge fan of supplements so I’m expecting your reviews.

    • The cat’s pretty much out of the bag with the releases. I have The Matrix, Contagion, and Inception- three great choices for starting up a relationship with Blu-ray.

  8. Sam Fragoso

    They selected me as well. And David, I could tell you the three films … but then John would have to kill me.

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  12. Stu

    I’ve been slowly adding to my Blu-ray collection over the last two years, but trying in earnest – and failing miserably – to only purchase movies that I don’t already own a snazzy DVD version of.

    “Apocalypse Now” and “Gojira” have been tempting me terribly as of late… and I already broke down on “Alien” last month.

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