If Cereal Mascots Were Movie Stars

It’s Friday and it’s the end of several long weeks in a row. My brain is fried. Rather than monkeying around with a deeper article, I reached into my idea bag and grabbed the easiest thing I could find. I took an hour and paired up some cereal mascots with the movies for which they’re best suited. Just add milk and enjoy!

Master and Commander, Cap’n Crunch
He even has a “C” on his hat, presumably for “Commander”.

Catch Me If You Can, The Trix Rabbit

Requiem for a Dream, Sonny the Cuckoo Bird
He’s cuckoo for heroine and amphetamines!

Nosferatu, Count Chocula
 The Darjeeling Limited, Snap/Crackle/Pop
Three brothers, all jilted by their issues with their baker father, unite for a trip through India.

Magnolia, Dig ‘Em
Name me a better movie to star a frog. And don’t say The Muppets.

I had one for Donnie Brasco, I finished with the job, I was about to post it… and then I found that there was a hardcore mandatory credit attached to the photo. It also was listed as “Editorial Use Only”. Alas, you were robbed of one more cereal mascot photoshop job. But if you can picture it in your head, it had Tony the Tiger and Johnny Depp. But hey, I won’t get sued. Huzzah!


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15 responses to “If Cereal Mascots Were Movie Stars

  1. Haha love this. The Nosferatu one is absolutely brilliant, I’d pay to see that for sure!

  2. Captain Crunch crackes me up! Also, The Darjeeling Limited would be even more awkward with the Rice Krispies mascot! This makes my day!

    • I’d love to hear the Darjeeling Krispies soundtrack. It’d be full of Bollywood musicians singing the “Snap, Crakckle, Pop” jingle.

  3. Hysterical! (Nosferatu is my favorite.) What about a police lineup of The Usual Suspects with cereal mascots?

  4. That NosferatuChocula is inspired.

  5. goregirl

    Nosferatu-Count Chocula is brilliant and totally digging Magnolia-Dig em too!

  6. Ahaha excellent work John. Master and Commander and Darjeeling really got a couple chuckles out of me!

  7. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    How about Mikey from the Life cereal commercials starring in Happiness.

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