Great Moments in Movie History (Using Stick Figures): This is Spinal Tap

Stick Figure Friday came a day early this week. This time, the Great Moments series turns its gaze toward a comedy classic from the 1980s, This is Spinal Tap (1984). There really are countless scenes that would’ve worked here. Stonehenge, the album art for “Smell the Glove”, and the amp going up to eleven were all prime candidates. But I had to go with my favorite scene.

I present to you Great Moments in Movie History (Using Stick Figures), featuring the scene from Spinal Tap in which Derek gets stuck in the alien pod. Click on the image to get the full resolution version.


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13 responses to “Great Moments in Movie History (Using Stick Figures): This is Spinal Tap

  1. Although I didn’t like the movie I remember that scene. Great work 😉

  2. I think my favorite scene, though the image isn’t iconic enough to be recognizable, is when they’re excited to hear an older song of theirs on the radio, only to get instantly bummed when the announcer says that the band belongs in the “where are they now” file.

  3. Great! My favorite moment is the instant “burning” of the drummer. Since, I am a drummer myself I taught is was quite a good one… I love to revisit Film History with those stick figures!

  4. Just watched Spinal Tap the other day, and it’s as great as it ever way. Very funny stuff!

  5. goregirl

    You can’t just go putting Stick Figure Friday on Thursday! Lick My Love Pump!

    • Haha… their song titles are the best. Sex Farm, Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight, Big Bottom, Listen to the Flower People… Most of my biggest laughs watching that movie come from their lyrics.

      • goregirl

        The conversation Nigel has with Marty about “Lick my love pump” kills me. Christopher Guest’s writing style and sense of humour definitely comes through in This is Spinal Tap. I love Guest’s Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show and A Mighty WInd. 3 of my fave comedies from the past decade-ish.

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