The 7×7 Link Awards

I’ve been nominated a few times now for the 7 X 7 Link Award, meaning it’s time for me to spread the love. Much thanks to Steve at Anti-Film School and Tyler at Southern Vision for the nods. The general idea is that, if you’re so honored, you should tell folks something about you that they may not know; list an article that fits seven specific categories; and then pass the love on to seven other writers. Without further adieu…

I'm not saying I've done this before, and I'm not denying that I've done this before.

Something About Me You Probably Didn’t Know
This is a tough one because I try to be as transparent as possible. I’ll go with this… I’m a real-life version of Brian Griffin from Family Guy. I’m notorious for coming up with ideas for screenplays, starting them, maybe banging out 5 to 10 pages… and then they die on the vine. The recurring joke on Family Guy about Brian never finishing his novel is spot-on for yours truly. And there are tons of these screenplay ideas. There’s the 50’s sci-fi spoof that I’d call Planet of the Vampire Monkeys. There’s a baseball-meets-Bergman treatment that’d be half Bull Durham and half Scenes from a Marriage. There’s the werewolf movie wherein the change would by symbolic of alcoholism. I could go on and on with these.

Seven Articles that Fit a Theme:
Most Beautiful: I am a graphic designer (and editor) by trade. So I can approach this from a bit of a different angle. Namely, I do my best to make infographics look sharp, easy to read, and informative. I think the sharpest one I’ve made, the one that I like the most, and the most “beautiful”, was the relatively recent Breaking Down Oscar piece. It’s rare that images, charts, typography, and color schemes fit so well together, but I feel like that was one where everything dropped right into place.

Most Helpful: My annual 50 Greatest French Films list gets an awful lot of traffic via search engines. There simply aren’t many “Best French Films” lists out there, so I feel like I’m helping by at least moving the conversation forward. It creates a starting place for people unfamiliar with French cinema. And it thrills me to no end to introduce people to French cinema. Folks may disagree with the list, and I’m not the most qualified person to make the list, but it’s great to be part of the discussion.

Most Popular: The Six Stages of Movie Geek Evolution took off in ways that I never expected. It’s received the most traffic of anything I’ve ever written. For some perspective about how popular it’s been compared to my other articles, the second most popular article has had 65% of the traffic that the Evolution piece received. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I owe Don and Jim at Beer and Whiskey Brothers a huge debt for letting me leech the idea from them.

Most Controversial: Just over a year ago, I wrote a list of 10 Dirty Secrets that I Keep. Some of the confessions that I made really sparked discussion. In retrospect, I’m quite a bit embarrassed about that article simply because it was a sign of moving backwards. The good news is, thanks to that article and some of the reaction to it, I’ve made it a point to keep moving forward and trying to learn more about film.

Most Surprisingly Successful: A year ago almost to the day, I spackled together some infographics illustrating which films had influenced Edgar Wright’s filmography. It wound up in front of Edgar Wright, who offered feedback–films that should make the graphics, films that should be removed–and then tweeted it to his 200,000 followers. I had hoped to create some cool infographics, maybe get a little traffic on it, and entertain some people. Never in a million years did I expect that one of my favorite directors would contact me and offer feedback. As much as I’d like to stay professional about this, the reality is that I am not a professional. I am not a journalist. I don’t even have a film degree. I’m just some guy who likes to write about movies. And that means that I get to keep my fanboy geekery when I say “Holy shit! Edgar Wright read my stuff! Hell yeah!!!” It really was the highlight of this site’s existence. The fact that Wright was so friendly about it all makes it that much better.

Most Underrated: Given how time-intensive flowcharts are to create, I’d always hoped that they’d take off a little bit more and get a little bit more traffic. Case in point- Which Horror Movie Should You Be Watching? My readers are all awesome and I know they appreciate the time and effort, and I’m very grateful for that. I just sort of wish the flowcharts got a little more exposure. (good lord, that was whiny, wasn’t it?)

Most Pride Worthy: A few weeks ago, I tried to bring attention to a really wonderful theatre in my area, the Wildey Theatre. They deserve the spotlight, and I felt like I was using my site for good instead of evil for once. The fact that it made the IMDb Hit List was all the better. For three days, folks all over the country, and the world, were exposed to a theatre that got the recognition it deserves. And all because I decided to be nice for once.

Seven Blogs That Deserve the Award:
This is going to be tough because the majority of people I’d include here have already been tagged.

Think of the person you know who loves horror films the most. Goregirl loves horror more than them. It’s really awesome and admirable.

Le Mot de Cinéphiliaque 
Michaël’s film interests are really similar to mine and I always enjoy his articles.

Film Father
There’s a really awesome convergence at Film Father’s site. He offers the perspective of a hardcore cinephile, a dad, and a husband, all rolled into each article. It’s a great niche.

My friend John runs a really bang-up music site. And ironically enough, he sure enjoys the hell out of a Seven and Seven, thereby making him a prime candidate for this award.

Beer and Whiskey Brothers
St. Louis-area specialty beer shops owe Don and Jim a commission on all of the products I’ve purchased thanks to their site. How’s that for impressive? Two brothers, one in Montana and the other on the eastern seaboard, are so good at writing about beer and whiskey that they’ve inspired a ton of beer purchases hundreds of miles away in St. Louis.

The Matinee
Ryan has a really great variety of content, and he deserves any attention he can get for helping to come up with the Blind Spot Series, a truly awesome endeavor.

Reel Talk 
Candice Frederick’s writing is some of the best around, and her enthusiasm for cinema is tremendously infectious.


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16 responses to “The 7×7 Link Awards

  1. goregirl

    Thanks John! Hold on. I have to do this now right? Should I do it? Should I not do it? Should I flip a coin? Okay I’ll flip a coin. Heads or tails? Heads. Okay. Tails. What did heads represent? Okay better try that again. Heads I don’t do it. Tails. Godammit. Sadly, or perhaps not, you are missing the bad Dorothy Parker imitation I am doing. Well, more accurately a bad imitation of Jennifer Jason Leigh’s quite impressive imitation of Dorothy Parker. I watched Mrs Parker and the Vicious Circle and Of Mice and Men (the awesome 1939 one with Lon Chaney Jr & Burgess Meredith) back to back last night. I think I need to go for a long walk now.

    • Ha… totally up to you, but the general idea is that since I nominated you, it’s now your turn.

      • goregirl

        I meant to mention, your ‘Which horror movie should I be watching’ chart is freaking fantastic!! And your 50 Greatest French Films list is inspired, I think just about every French film I love is there. I’m psyched to check out the titles I haven’t seen.

  2. Phil

    That’s very cool that Edgar Wright commented and liked your post! I say don’t ever see Titanic and Avatar – they are entertaining, but not critical viewing. I had never seen Gone With the Wind or Sound of Music, but my girlfriend bought them for me to watch, so that ended.

    • It’s funny you say that. I just choked both of those movies down last weekend. I’m glad I got them out of the way because now I feel justified when I whine about them. At least I tried.

      As for Sound of Music and Gone with the Wind, you just named two of my very least favorite unquestioned classics.

  3. Fantastic posts, all seven of them. I can’t believe your horror movie one was underrated, I loved it. You know I had a nerd-gasm over your French film list, and your many infographics have been equally pleasurable (not in a weird way). Keep up the stunning work, my friend.


  5. hehe Great to see this award grace these shores!

    I think I have read most of the articles mentioned! 🙂

  6. rtm

    Congrats John. Your blog is just fantastic, and I LOVE all your beautiful and informative infographics! A well-deserved award, man. Keep up the great work!

  7. Congrats! And I’m definitely hoping at least you post up a partial screenplay. That Vampire Monkeys one has serious potential!

  8. Thanks John for the nomination! My 7×7 Link Awards list will be up soon!

    You have some pretty good links under your belt!

  9. fuzzywuzzy

    Thanks for the nomination…and I do enjoy 7&7’s…in fact, I think I’ll pour myself a glass and start writing my 7×7 Link Award.

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