Al Swearengen… Sings?!?

After hearing about Deadwood for years, I decided to give it a try about two months ago. As such, I became very familiar with a lot of actors and actresses. Timothy Olyphant, Molly Parker, John Hawkes, Brad Dourif, Robin Wiegert, and Powers Boothe are all on the list. I was aware of many of them before but I can see them all in a different light now. Topping that list, however, is Ian McShane, who played highly-quotable saloon owner and severed head-whisperer Al Swearengen. And in the middle of watching the show and trying to learn more about the actors and actresses who made up the cast, I stumbled upon something astonishing.

Ian McShane was a singer years before his run on Deadwood. His 1992 album, From Both Sides Now, even includes a cover of the Police’s Every Breath You Take. “Every bond you break you break, every step you take, Swedgen will be watching Wu”.

Part of me admires McShane for his versatility. Another part of me, a considerably larger part, sort of hates that I found out about this because it punctures the lofty opinion I had of Al Swearengen. Oh well. Heng dai anyway, Al.


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5 responses to “Al Swearengen… Sings?!?

  1. Ha ha ha. Wow.I don’t know why Swedgin was so feared around Deadwood.

  2. Darah

    He was in a great UK series called Lovejoy too.
    A charming rogue antiques dealer and his associates who sort of solve mysteries as they acquire antiques. Bizarre premise that sounds awful but was really good!

    • Craig

      I think “really good” is a little strong! 🙂

      McShane was part of a trend in early 90s (not so) Great Britain where the actors of relatively well loved characters released albums. Other notables from this horrific era include:

      Robson and Jerome, who played firefighters in some show

      and Ant and Dec (formerly known by the character names PJ and Duncan) froom kids TV show Byker Grove

  3. Darah

    Well I thought it was ‘really good’. It was sunday night easy watching pap, me and my mam. Just a fun show.
    Oh, and you left out Jimmy Nail, of ‘Crocodile Shoes’ fame!

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