The Ten Best Moments from An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List

This past weekend marked the conclusion of the second season of An Idiot Abroad in the US. The season featured Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant sending Karl Pilkington out to check off “bucket list” items. Of the list they offered Karl, he chose riding the length of Route 66; traveling the Trans-Siberian railway; swimming with dolphins; spending a night on a desert island; whale-watching; meeting gorillas; and climbing Mount Fuji. With so many locales and so much Karl, there was bound to be loads of great moments. Get your bag of Monster Munch ready and entertain yourself with the ten best moments from An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List.

10. Buried Alive
While in Russia, Ricky and Steve hector Karl by implying that his railway journey is too stressful. Their solution is to line up a “therapy” session. The therapy entails Karl digging his own grave. He was then given a tube to breathe through, and was buried alive. His reaction was classic Karl–he frantically begins calling Ricky to make sure he realizes what Karl is being asked to do, and ultimately winds up having a peaceful time enjoying his music underground.

9. Dog Sledding
Karl trekked to Alaska to watch whales. Part of the journey included Karl dogsledding. Watching Karl match wits with a pack of sled dogs was a riot. “Easy, boys. Easy, boys! EASY, BOYS!”

8. Rhinoceros Feces
To prepare for his trek into the jungle to meet gorillas, Ricky and Steve decided that Karl should first learn to track various safari animals. He was sent to a nature reserve, where a guide taught him a very unique way of tracking animals.

7. Dancing
I suppose I’m cheating a bit by including “dancing”. He dances several times during the Bucket List season, and did the same during the first season. There’s no specific moment, per se, but rather several of them. Few things crack me up as much as watching Karl dance. For the sake of having an example, here he is dancing with a high school choir along Route 66.

6. The Pilko Pump Pant
While in Japan–the final trip–Karl decided that his real bucket list item would be to invent something, to have something to leave behind to the world after he’s gone. “Behind” is the operative word. Karl’s invention is a pair of pants that has a large pocket, made to be filled with a cushion, on the ass. The idea is that if you’re wearing them, you can sit down comfortably anywhere you go. There was even an appearance on a home-shopping show.

5. Arseboarding
In the South Pacific, Karl encountered a tribe with very unique ideas of leisurely activities. They climb to the top of a sandy hill and “arseboard” for fun. Arseboarding consists of sliding down the sandy hill on, essentially, a very basic sled.

4. A Healthy Prostate
This little gem didn’t show up until the finale, during the wrap-up show where Ricky and Steve sit down to discuss Karl’s adventures. A few times throughout the season, for comic effect, Ricky alluded to Karl’s discomfort over getting a prostate exam. It was always done with mock concern for Karl’s health. Mind you, I’m sure he was legitimately concerned for his health. But as Karl pointed out, they never asked about his blood pressure or any other health issues. It all came to a boil in the finale, when Karl actually got a prostate exam with the cameras rolling. In addition to being hilarious, it helped raise prostate cancer awareness.

3. It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… Bullshit Man!
Karl encountered a gentleman on the Trans-Siberian Railway who had the unique ability to function as a human magnet. As he discussed the the ineffectiveness of being a human magnet, Karl began to expound upon the kind of superhero he’d like to be. His name would be Bullshit Man. His ability would be flying around, barging in on bullshitters, and calling them out on their bullshit. Honestly, I think it’s a brilliant superhero.

2. Dude Looks Like a (Thai) Lady (Boy)
En route to Australia to swim with “dolphins”–they turned out to be sharks–Ricky and Steve plan a stop for Karl in Thailand. Part of his trip included hanging out with Thai ladyboys, who eventually gave Karl a makeover. So… yeah. Here’s Karl Pilkington in drag.

1. Cuddlefish
The trip along Route 66 took Karl right through the region of America that houses hippies, to be blunt. Ricky and Steve set up a session for Karl at a New Age facility. Part of the treatment included a “cuddle party”–a bunch of New Age people in pajamas cuddling with one another on mats. Karl’s reaction was priceless.


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10 responses to “The Ten Best Moments from An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List

  1. I am so happy you loved this one matey.

    Such a funny show. Karl Pilkington is a true Brit abroad. I hate Gervais, but Pilkington is very very very funny!!

    Best Straight man in the business

  2. This gave me even more motivation to finally watch this show. The cuddling scene was priceless.

  3. Hey John, congrats on being once again on the IMDb Hit List today!

  4. The one where he gets strapped to the wing of an old bi-plane is fantastic.

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