Great Moments in Movie History: Taxi Driver (1976)

A long time ago (2 years) in a galaxy far, far away (about four miles from where I’m sitting right now), I started this site with no real purpose. But one thing that I knew I wanted to do was institute a series of great moments in movie history, memorialized using stick figures. It’s where the tagline comes from– come for the stick figures, stay for the Bergman. I busted out several early on, especially in the first year of operation. Then it slowed down almost to a crawl. I realized the other day that it’s damn near at a total stop. I haven’t done one since October (you can find the full list here, along with every time I’ve used the phrase ‘Great Moments in Movie History’). I need to get back to my roots. This is all a really long way of saying, “Hey, I turned Travis Bickle and Taxi Driver into a stick figure!” Enjoy:


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14 responses to “Great Moments in Movie History: Taxi Driver (1976)

  1. I’m relatively new to your blog so this is the first I’ve seen of this feature, but I love it. I hope it becomes a regular thing again.

  2. Ah! Excellent the stick figures are back again and you choose my favorite film of all time! Thank yoy John this makes my day!

  3. Victor De Leon

    great post, very cool, I had a nice larf. thanks!

  4. Haha, nice one. I think I missed out on your stick figure drawings before. Looking forward to more.

  5. Brilliant stuff! Hope we’ll be seeing more of these soon! Taxi Driver was a great choice to re-kickstart the series. However, my all-time favourite will always be your stick-figure rendition of Bergman’s Faith trilogy.

  6. “Travis Bickle’s Stick Figure” is the new name of the band!

  7. Hoorah! The stick figures are back. I wondered where they went to hide 😀 Heck, someone should draw the entire Taxi Driver movie in stick figures ahah, that would be fun 😛

  8. So the Bergman is next, right?

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