Horror Icons in Love

It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s a chance for everyone to celebrate romance with their special someone. And I mean it when I say “everyone”. It’s not an exclusive holiday. Anyone who recognizes Valentine’s Day has a right to celebrate. To prove the point, check out these horror icons in love:

Freddy Krueger

Ghostface, with a bouquet of roses

Michael Myers with a heart-shaped box of candy

Regan MacNeil wants you to be her valentine

Frankenstein is giving this lovely lady a puppy wearing a sweater with a heart on it. Awwwwww…

Pinhead is ready for commitment with this diamond engagement ring.

Jason Voorhees bought his special lady a teddy bear.

And Leatherface, like Freddy Krueger, gets loopy around the ladies.


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17 responses to “Horror Icons in Love

  1. hahah Happy Valentines matey.

    You would be lost without photoshop and illustrator! Love it

    • Although this one was the exception, a lot of the photoshop/illustrator stuff I do takes the most time… but it’s also most of the stuff that I have the most fun with.

  2. Susan

    I got one word for this post: cute!

  3. It is another kind of Valentine Day! It also gives more depth to those unidimensional characters! I will never watch those classics with the same eye… Thanks for bringing us smiles everyday John!

  4. Victor De Leon

    this post was awesome. thanks!

  5. Ha, Pinhead proposing is priceless. Nicely done!

  6. Pinhead with the engagement ring…the perfect complement to my Valentine’s Day post! I *heart* all of these — but Pinhead is my favorite.


  7. Awesome pics! My favorite is Leatherface who simply can’t ditch his humongous chainsaw even for a date.

  8. rtm

    Ahah, awesome John! So which one of these will be YOUR Valentine? 😀 😀

  9. This is absolutely hysterical! Another reason to love your site!


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