Infographic: Breaking Down Oscar

Oscar buzz is approaching a fever pitch, with the Academy Awards just a few short weeks away. This also means that it’s almost time for Oscar parties. Would you like to impress your fellow party-goers with some obscure knowledge about the Academy Awards and the Oscar? Prepare in advance using this handy Oscar infographic featuring facts and figures about Hollywood’s most beloved statue:

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22 responses to “Infographic: Breaking Down Oscar

  1. Once again, you’ve outdone yourself with the infographic. I just wanna add that John “King of the Westerns” Ford, though he received four Oscars, never got a statue for one of his Westerns.

    • When I was digging through the info, I found out that Ford was one of only two to win the award in back to back years- Joseph Mankiewicz was the other.

  2. Wiese the Third

    I did a short documentary for a Blaxploitation class in University on the lack of color represented at the Academy Awards. Check it out on my video page at The doc is entitled Many Shades of Gold.

    • I stumbled on a little of that while digging up info. Another shocking tidbit- Hattie McDaniel won the award in 1939, but had to sit in a segregated section of the auditorium during the ceremony.

      • Wiese the Third

        I was unaware that she had to sit in a segregated section. That’s more than a little ridiculous. My group’s video could have easily been an hour or more long but we were locked in a time restraint. Lots of information out there about the lack of racial diversity in the Academy Awards.

  3. “They” give a posthumous award to Peter Finch — but not to Alfred Hitchcock or Stanley Kubrick?!?!

    (Wait…Kubrick is dead…right?)

    That’s preposterous! A travesty! Egregious! 😦

  4. Phil

    When does Roger Deakins finally get to win an Oscar? I just checked IMDB, he’s ‘only’ been nominated 9 times. Nothing for this year.

  5. susan

    oh titanic, one of the great disasters of oscar history…

    this should be a poster!

  6. Excellent, informative infographic John. You are getting really good at making them! You should do those giant ones now 😉

  7. Great job. I really love the black and gold color scheme.

  8. IMDb HITLIST!!! This has to be picked up!

    Great job my friend

  9. rtm

    This is awesome John, but you already know that 🙂 Wow, I didn’t know about William Wyler, but I LOVE 3 of his films, they’re all so timeless! He’s a good friend of my Gregory Peck so I’ve been reading some tidbits about him in Greg’s biography. They have quite an interesting relationship.

    • Thanks, Ruth! That’s a great tidbit about Wyler. I had no clue that he and Peck collaborated that much. I’ve seen a handful of Wyler movies, but apparently need to see many, many more.

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