7 Movies That Would be Better Starring Santa Claus

I bought my first Christmas gifts the other day, which means the holiday season is officially under way. There are just a few weeks until Christmas. And so the fat man is on his way with his special bag of goodies. No, I’m not talking about Kevin Smith and a bag of weed. I’m referring, of course, to Santa Claus. To get in the holiday spirit, I’ve compiled a few movies that I think might be better with Santa Claus. Some of these are fantastic movies, tough to improve upon. But I think we all know that adding Santa Claus to anything instantly makes it better.


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11 responses to “7 Movies That Would be Better Starring Santa Claus

  1. HAHA brilliant! Easily one of your best Photoshop jobs ever! I will be laughing at NORTH BY NORTH POLE for many Christmases to come and CITIZEN CANDY KANE also sounds like a real masterpiece. SANTA’S BALL HOLOCAUST sounds like a Porno.

  2. Battlefield Earth would have been AWESOME had Santa shown up and given John Travolta a lump of coal in the dreadlocks.

    Some funny stuff here!

  3. HAHAH Battlefield Earth For the win!!!

    Brilliant work as ever matey!!

    You shuld do graphic design as a job…..oh you do? I will be off now 🙂

  4. I’m 100% in on Reindeer Man but only if we get to keep Valeria Golino.

    Citizen Candy Kane – how has this not been made already?

  5. Excellent work here! Very funny North by North Pole is perfect!

  6. ‘Citizen Candy Kane’ almost sounds like a porno.

    Not that that’s a bad thing…

  7. You have mad skillz.

    That is all.


  8. Ahaha the Reindeer Man! Excellent work John. And anything but the regular Green Hornet would have a better movie 😉

  9. I actually had one of those “choke on the wine with laughter” moments at North by North Pole. Not one of those “I’M TYPING THIS TO SHOW YOU HOW FUNNY YOU ARE” kinda things, but more like one of those “That was an actual choking hazard and now my throat really burns” kinda things.

    • I actually saw North by Northwest on the big screen today, and when the crop-duster scene came on, all I could think of was Santa Claus fleeing.

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