Fake Criterion Covers of Woody Allen Films

Woody Allen has pieced together a prolific career. Along the way, he has changed cinema forever by putting himself out there in ways that few–if any–other filmmakers ever have. He has mastered comedy, drama, and mystery, all while racking up one iconic image and scene after the next. His work hearkens back to the 1950’s heyday of arthouse cinema, at least in part due to his maniacal and devoted obsession to his hero, Ingmar Bergman. And for that reason, it’s a shame that his work hasn’t received the Criterion treatment, presumably because of rights issues with MGM and because Allen is a proponent of keeping his film releases mostly free of extras. However, it’s fun to imagine. And so here are my imagined covers of Woody Allen Criterion covers, even if they’re not likely to happen any time soon.


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10 responses to “Fake Criterion Covers of Woody Allen Films

  1. Craig

    Nice work. I wish they would release them, if just so I can get the last few films on DVD.

  2. HAHAHA these are brilliant my friend! The ANNIE HALL one is pure genius. I definitely need to see more Allen films? How do you make these posters anyway? I mean, how do you get the Criterion logo and all that onto them. Is there a template or something? I really don’t know how that sort of thing works but it would be fun to experiment with.

    • Thank you, sir. Interiors, and Love and Death are both very direct Bergman homages, so that may be a great place to start, although Love and Death is a comedy. My personal favorite is Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex.

      I recreate the Criterion template in Photoshop. The Criterion logo is available in a google search, and then you carve out the unwanted pieces.

  3. Why did you cut off Diane Keaton’s nose for the ‘Interiors’ cover?

    • I wish I hadn’t but I was limited by my resources. Namely, I couldn’t find a larger/full-res version of the image that would’ve fit the space’s width and height. It’s such an iconic image, though, that I wouldn’t have felt right using any other image from that movie.

  4. Very nice work! Love the first two, especially.

  5. Wow! Those are awesome John! The Bananas with the cover of The Velvet Underground and Nico album is great! You really put your finger on the Criterion designs and mastered it nicely!

  6. Vladdy

    These were awesome. If Criterion ever releases any of these, they should pay you and use your covers!

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