Mark Sandman Covers The Muppets

When I was a little kid, I embraced the Muppets. They were my world. I even had a stuffed Kermit that I dragged with me everywhere I went. Even now, I’ll find myself watching old clips from the show and the grin on my face could light up the galaxy. As you can imagine, I’m getting very anxious for the new movie coming out.

Last year, I decided to do a full-on re-watch of the original Muppet Show. As I was watching, I heard them performing a song that I knew. I knew it well. In fact, the only way I’d ever heard it was as performed by Morphine lead singer Mark Sandman performing with the Either Orchestra. I’m a huge fan of Sandman and everything he ever did. I had no clue that the song pre-dated Sandman and the Either Orchestra. So imagine how happy I was when I saw this:

And I’m sure you’re curious, so here’s the Sandman/Either Orchestra version. Now, of course, I realize that it goes at least as far back as Perry Como and/or Bing Crosby, if not further. But to me, it seemed like the Muppets were covering Mark Sandman.


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5 responses to “Mark Sandman Covers The Muppets

  1. “That Frog’s a genius!”

  2. Every time I see something with the Muppets in it, I thank God that Jim Henson was born. This is a work of genius.

  3. I watched The Muppet Show so much as a kid, I remembered the clip before I even played it. I forgot it was so early in the series that Richard Hunt voiced MIss Piggy for that sketch, instead of Frank Oz. I love the Mark Sandman cover… very bluesy. My mission now is to try to download that version. Thanks for sharing!

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