Awesome Examples of Film Paraphernalia

When a movie is popular, there’s a good chance that there will be merchandise tied to it. I’m not talking about fast food toys. I’m talking about things that surface years after the movie has been released. And when you’re a movie nerd, it’s hard not to want to buy these things. Here are some of my favorites. It’s worth noting that I only own one of these… for now.

The Godfather Horse Head Pillow
Even if you’ve never seen The Godfather, odds are pretty damned good that you know that there’s a scene involving a horse’s head. And if you have seen it, then you know that the horse head scene is THE iconic moment in a trilogy that’s full of iconic moments. Now, you can channel your inner Jack Woltz and re-enact the infamous horse head scene with this giant pillow.

The Fargo Snow Globe
When the film was released on VHS in 1996, there was a special edition that came with a snow globe celebrating the infamous woodchipper scene. Not only did it stir up snow when shaken. It also stirred up blood. Can you imagine that on a little kid’s shelf?

Star Wars Wampa Rug
The folks at Think Geek have a LOT of Star Wars merchandise. It’s all pretty cool. I have to say, though, that my favorite is the Wampa Rug. It’s just like a bear skin rug but it looks like the wampa. I bet it’s extremely warm, too… you know, after you get it off of the ice planet, Hoth.

The Dude’s Japanese Baseball Player Raglan from The Big Lebowski
When Jeff Bridges starred in Cold Feet in 1989, there was a scene in which he sported a raglan featuring a Japanese baseball player named Kaoru Betto, also known as “the Japanese George Brett”. Apparently, it wasn’t from the studio’s wardrobe. Bridges actually owned it. We know this because he wore it again, first in The Fisher King and then again in 1997 in The Big Lebowski. And now, the people who run Lebowskifest sell the shirt. This is the one item on the list that I already own. I get a huge grin when I wear it and people recognize it from Lebowski.

Pulp Fiction Bad Mother Fucker Wallet
How do you know it’s yours? It’ll be the one that says Bad Motherfucker. And it can be yours thanks to the people at BMF Wallets. While I don’t actually own this one, I know someone who does.

Dogma Buddy Christ Dashboard Statue
You may recall the hilarious “Catholicism Wow!” campaign from Kevin Smith’s Dogma. It featured a kinder, gentler, “more uplifting” version of Jesus, known as the “Buddy Christ”. Following the film, Smith’s company put dashboard versions of the Buddy Christ up for sale. I temporarily owned one of these, but ultimately gave it to my friend who is tall, thin, bearded, and has long hair.

Stay Puft Marshmallows
Think Geek strikes again, this time with an actual brand of marshmallows based off of the giant marshmallowy villain in Ghostbusters. There is no Zuul. There is only a spongy confection. I would bet a lot of money you could melt them easily with a proton pack. Just don’t cross the streams.

Marty McFly’s Nikes from Back to the Future II
Nike recently made a huge splash by releasing a limited edition replica of Marty McFly’s Nikes. A quick search on eBay shows that they’re currently selling for upwards of $5,000, and they don’t even self-lace like the ones in the movie. Basically, the only way I could afford them would be to travel 30 years into the future in my flying DeLorean, buy a sports almanac, and make a shitload of money by gambling. Thanks for the idea, Biff Tannen.

Platoon MiniMates
This is the most jaw-dropping piece of film paraphernalia on the list. What is a MiniMate, you ask? Wikipedia says they’re “a block-styled miniature action figure originally created by Art Asylum in 2002 and now released by Diamond Select Toys.” They’re a lot like Legos. And they have a set based on Oliver Stone’s Vietnam War epic, Platoon. Repeat after me: what the fuck?!?!


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28 responses to “Awesome Examples of Film Paraphernalia

  1. Horse’s Head Pillow from THE GODFATHER? Add to cart.

    • That’s the one I want more than any of them, although it’d be beyond bizarre to have a severed horse head pillow lying around on my bed. That’s what keeps me from squeezing the trigger.

  2. Phil

    Those are all very cool. I also have liked (but don’t own) the Star Wars Tauntaun sleeping bag. I did give my son the Pulp Fiction action figures for Christmas one year.

  3. Man, those shoes look futuristic!

    • The futuristic prediction of those shoes was about as accurate as the one about the Cubs winning the World Series. Although in 2003, it was hard not to think of that movie when they were playing “Miami” just like on the sports report in Back to the Future II.

  4. Ahaha this is awesome. I definitely the horse head pillow and since my wallet is falling apart, I could also make use of that bad motherfucker wallet 😀

    • My friend has had that wallet for a long time. I’ll ask him how durable it is or if he still has it.

      Hell, he’s a commenter here. He’ll probably see this.

  5. Sweet post my friend, I will take one baseball shirt and the horses head please.

    Send them to my office, that will be fine


  6. I know it’s not as classic as all of those films, but I just bought for my father in law the advent hose in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I found many websites selling countless stuff about this Holiday classic. The Wally World Mug, one of my friends owns one, the squirrel, chrsitmas tree ornaments, even Clark Griswold,s Chicago Blackhawks jersey with the 00 etc. I am a big fan of this film and all this collective stuff is great! I love this topic John!

  7. If you’re ever in New York you oughta come down to Greenwich Village where there’s a shop devoted exclusively to ‘Big Lebowski’ paraphernalia.

  8. I once gave my boss a red Swingline stapler. It was a treasured item on his desk.

    True story: Swingline did not actually make a red stapler until 2002, when all the people who loved Office Space convinced them to start.

    • When my grandfather passed away, we went into his “office” and he had one. This is made all the more amazing by the fact that I guarantee he’d never even heard of Office Space, much less seen it.

  9. Dude's Wife

    I bought the Bad Mother Fucker wallet for “Dude” for Christmas (hah, I know) and he had it for a couple of years! We still have it in a shoe box somewhere…. it was so much cooler than a crappy JCPenney Perry Ellis wallet. 🙂

  10. Is it twisted that I’m most intrigued by the horse head and the Fargo snowglobe? Those are two items I would never show anyone, just leave them somewhere inconspicuous around my place and let guests discover them as they glance around. The slow realization of what the items are would be pretty priceless.

  11. I knew that Bridges wore his own clothing in Lebowski, right down to the jelly shoes, but I must not have paid attention enough when he wore that same shirt in The Fisher King. Love that extra bit of trivia!

  12. Stu

    My favorite MiniMates are of the “Pulp Fiction” variety (too cool). I also really want a pair of the “Zissou” Adidas.

  13. Ahah, that Godfather Horse Head Pillow would actually be a good gift for Godfather’s fans, well unless he/she is a jockey of course 🙂

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