Infographic: Jessica Fletcher’s Case Clearance Rate on Murder She Wrote

If you were a TV criminal from 1984 to 1996 and there was a septuagenarian tracking you down, you were boned. Between Matlock on Matlock and Dick Van Dyke’s character on Diagnosis Murder, you were in trouble but you might have had a mild chance. However, there was one member of the social security crime solvers club you weren’t likely to escape. How good was Jessica Fletcher? Here’s pie chart that illustrates possible outcomes for your case:


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7 responses to “Infographic: Jessica Fletcher’s Case Clearance Rate on Murder She Wrote

  1. Jessica Fletcher never had an expressway named after her though.


  2. Dude's Wife


  3. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    If Jessica Fletcher was around, someone was about to end up dead. More notable than her success rate is the number of people who ended up dead when she was around. If you consider the death rate when she was around, she’s a close second to the grim reaper.

  4. Murder She Wrote filled a void for all the baby boomer girls that grew up idolizing Nancy Drew..My mother to this day watches that show on Hallmark, and pretends to not know what is going to happen!

  5. Darah

    Jessica Fletcher was a serial killer.
    I’m convinced of it.
    How many innocent folk did she frame and send to the chair?

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