Infographic: Movie Funkiness by Percentage of Scenes Featuring Pam Grier

If there was an Academy Award for Foxiest Actress, Pam Grier would have a truckload of them. She was so foxy that she was actually cast as a character named Foxy. They might have re-named the award after her by this point in time. But let’s not forget the other aspect of Pam Grier’s genius–her innate ability to funkify any movie simply by appearing in it. This infographic illustrates just how funky movies can get when she appears:


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12 responses to “Infographic: Movie Funkiness by Percentage of Scenes Featuring Pam Grier

  1. Thanks. That infographic really helps me understand why John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars was such a rubbish film.

  2. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    As it is a scientifically proven fact that the presence of George Clinton/Parliment will increase the funk of anything. What happens if Pam Grier is in 100% of the scenes AND George Clinton/P-Funk walk into the room. Is that a Nuclear Funk Bomb that goes beyond Maximum Funk? These are the types of questions that kept me out of the really good schools.

  3. I feel bad for having only seen her in one film. But I know enough about her to agree with what you’ve said. Let’s not forget the standup comedian who is somewhat of a protege, Wanda Sykes.

  4. Pam Grier was never sexier than portraying the razor blade hidden in the mouth hooker in “Fort Apache The Bronx”. It totally affected my libido in a tingly way when I was a young buck. By the way, John; do you have a job?

  5. HAHA Gotta love the Funk!!

    Great Infographic my friend

  6. Alexandra

    Kind of expecting this to be a funkier chart. No psychedelic paisley or anything?
    Anyway, very nice. Pam Grier = best.

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