Flowchart: Which Horror Movie Should You Be Watching?

October is in full swing. That means that Halloween is quickly approaching, and movie watchers everywhere are looking for a good scare. There are thousands of excellent selections to choose. Just in case you’re still undecided, I’ve created a flowchart to help you narrow down exactly which movie you should be watching this month. Enjoy!

Click on the image to enlarge.


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35 responses to “Flowchart: Which Horror Movie Should You Be Watching?

  1. Ahaha interesting flowchart. This lead me to Poltergeist, which I saw only like a year ago. Not scary at all but I guess that’s because I’m older now. I would probably be shitting my pants rather than walk in the dark to the bathroom, had I been 10 lol 😉

    • I assure you- and I speak from experience- that the pants-poopening with Poltergeist does indeed happen if you see it when you’re a kid.

      Ok, I didn’t TECHNICALLY crap my pants. But I wanted to.

      • Ahaha, not to worry, I have had plenty of nights as a child pondering whether I could make it to the morning without wetting the bed after watching scary stuff the previous evening.

  2. The Horror of Dracula for me 🙂

    Great job matey

  3. Chaqudemus

    The Horror of Dracula… great! That is on my to watch list. But I’m not going to watch it any time soon… my upcoming halloween movies are allready planned: Attack The Block, Zombi 2 and revisiting Battle Royale.

  4. That is one hell of a chart man. How long did that take you? Go figure, a guy with a 1 year old shouldn’t be watching Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen, or Exorcist. Favorite parts – The teenage section, lol – “The real terror is the 19th Century Virginal Woman” – “How do you feel about people having sex with severed re-animated heads?” – Hockey Fans, Movie Nerds and Texans! Awesome!

    • It took enough time that I’m embarrassed to admit how long it took, but what the hell- about 6 or 7 hours.

      I snagged a free 14 day trial of Omnigraffle- which helps make stuff like this- which helped make it tons easier than it otherwise would have been.

  5. Alexandra

    Wow. Really bang-up job. I guess I’ll have to pick up a copy of Dracula A.D. 1972 somewhere.

    • Thanks!

      You shan’t be disappointed with Dracula AD, especially if you’re a fan of Hammer and Christopher Lee. It makes fun of hippies, too. I guess hippies are all Satanists.

  6. Well done! I may have to consult this soon…

    • If you do, please report back.

      Although I guess that implies that this thing is accurate or something, and I’m not sure how much that’s the case.

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  8. But I’ve already seen THE FLY! Oh, well, the flowchart worked because I love that movie.

    Brilliant, brilliant work. Definitely worth the whole 6-7 hours it took. This is the stuff we love from you, mate (among other things). Well done! Are you going to do one at Christmas time? One for all the major holidays would be neat, but we don’t want to pressure you.

  9. That is definitely an impressive flowchart. Nice work! I ended up with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which I should probably give a rewatch at some point. Works for me!

  10. Vladdy

    I love this, but I am not going to watch The Human Centipede.

  11. MJ

    Good chart, but I’m a bit offended that I’ve been doomed to Twilight after my last Hitchcock binge.

  12. Brilliant Flowchart! Best one ever!

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  14. I’m in East Proctor, just got kicked out of the Slaughtered Lamb and I’m not sticking to the roads! I’ll FFD so I can meet Nurse Price (Jenny Agutter).

    Sick list–LOVED IT..

  15. I know this is a late post but this is seriously impressive flowchart. I especially liked the quick direction to twilight to get rid of the weaklings.

  16. I like that Twilight is listed as a horror film but yet I’m disappointed – I had to pretend I’m a guy to find something less freaky than the aforementioned vampire horror flick.

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