AHA!!! Happy Birthday, Steve Coogan

I’m not entirely sure when I started recognizing Steve Coogan but it didn’t take too long for me to become a fan. He’s the swiss army knife of comedians, capable of playing over the top roles; playing himself; playing more subtle, deadpan type roles; writing; voiceover work; just about anything that might be asked of him for the sake of humor. Today is Steve Coogan’s birthday. To honor one of my favorite British comics, here’s a collection of some of my favorite Coogan clips. Enjoy!

It’s only fitting to begin here:

Here he is again as Alan Partridge, interviewing a “transsexual Playboy columnist” (played by Minnie Driver):

Doing a Stephen Hawking impersonation in his recent travelogue comedy with Rob Brydon, The Trip:

Embedding is disabled but one of the first times I remember seeing Coogan was in Jim Jarmusch’s quirky film, Coffee and Cigarettes. Coogan was great with Alfred Molina and you can find the clip here.

A few highlights from Hamlet 2:

Some outtakes from his relatively brief appearance in Hot Fuzz:

Again, as Alan Partridge (this time from I’m Alan Partridge) visiting Paris:



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9 responses to “AHA!!! Happy Birthday, Steve Coogan

  1. “I’m Alan Partridge” is my favourite comedy show of all time. I can quote it back to front haha

    • For whatever reason, I liked “Knowing Me, Knowing You” more, but loved both.

      If I ever ran into Coogan on the street, I’d have a hard time not yelling out “AHA!”, which is probably annoying as hell to the guy.

  2. Alan Partridge is such a funny character.

    Or Cock Piss Partridge as I like to call him!!

    Nice post!

  3. Coogan is so irreverent and a hoot! He was brilliant in Tropic Thunder even in his brief scenes. He’s the quintessential British comedian.

  4. When I think of Steve Coogan, all I can think of is Alan Partridge saying ‘Do you like owls?[…]I know a cracking owl sanctuary’. Or having discussions about ladyboys. Or dancing in a leather thong. But mostly, I remember him in The Day Today, commenting really badly on horse racing.

  5. Anytime I See my friend Dan, I just shout his name repeatedly.

    Best Comedy Character

  6. The best birthday gift anyone could ever have is someone posting a very flattering picture of them on the internet. That is one cute boy.

    Anyway, I only know Coogan from 24 Hour Party People and Marie Antoinette and The Trip because I’m lame like that.

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