Infographic: The Notable Roles of Daryl Hannah

For a seven year period, from 1983 through 1990, you couldn’t go to a theater without seeing Daryl Hannah’s face somewhere. Either she was in a poster for a coming attraction, or she was in one of the previews before your feature, or she was in the movie you watched. She was inescapable. She’s had quite a career. However, she tended to get one type of role. With all due respect to Daryl Hannah’s acting abilities, I’ve condensed her notable roles into an infographic.


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14 responses to “Infographic: The Notable Roles of Daryl Hannah

  1. Hahaha, now I’m not great at deducting things, but is my conclusion correct if I assume you think she is sexy? 😉

  2. She also played a sexy whore in a movie called WHORE. But that film was absolutely terrible, so it definitely does not deserve to make your infographic.

  3. nimorphi

    I always get her and Darrell Hammond confused.

    • Haha, I think Hannah did a better Jesse Jackson.

      • The guy who met Kevin Meany

        We are miles apart in our appreciation of Darrell Hammond–aka the MVP of SNL on election years. Also, not that I have seen Steel Magnolias all the way through, but they kind of unsexied her for that role.

        • Yeah, Hammond- to me- was an unfunny part to an unfunny cast, aside from Farrell. Definitely not a fan at all.

          • I’m part of a small contigent of people who contend part of the reason for SNL’s unfunny drought was the incessant presence of Farrell. Nothing he’s done has ever made my laugh. Well, apart from his momentary efforts at acting in Taxi.

  4. To me, Daryl Hannah will always be the sexy giant from Attack of the 50 Foot Woman…

  5. I think she’s always be known as the Mermaid. I’ve only seen a handful films with her in it but she was pretty memorable in Kill BIll Vol. 1 and Blade Runner.

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