Infographic (Venn Diagram): The Humor in American Pie (1999)

In the late 1990’s, Adam Herz, Paul Weitz, and Chris Weitz refreshed the teen comedy genre by modernizing it with their smash hit gross-out comedy, American Pie. While the movie had a lot of humor, it was made memorable by one rather obvious scene. I’ve summarized the humor in the movie with this handy venn diagram. Enjoy this warm slice of 90’s nostalgia!


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7 responses to “Infographic (Venn Diagram): The Humor in American Pie (1999)

  1. HAHAHA brilliant. I thought a lot more than just that little bit was uncomfortably funny, but it was a decent comedy. Eugene Levy was a genius. Too bad he had to come back for all the bullshit sequels.

    • It amazes me how many sequels they made to that thing. Given that it was a gross-out comedy, I could live with one, or even two. I didn’t see them (won’t see them) but with a dumbass comedy, no harm/no foul. But all of the straight to video things… yikes.

  2. Ahahah clever man 😀

  3. I should not read your blog at my desk job because I am laughing too hard! Don’t stop those infographic they’re pure genius stuff!

  4. I see what you did there….

    Clever, clever, clever.

  5. funny 🙂 and true

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