Other Ways George Lucas Could Have Made Star Wars Worse

Fans of the Star Wars trilogy have been up in arms ever since seeing the edits that George Lucas recently made to the original trilogy. They are no doubt letting the hatred flow through them right about now. The fine folks at the LAMB- Large Association of Movie Blogs- have a hilarious photoshop contest going on in conjunction with the event. It’s called “Other Horrible Changes George Lucas Can Make To The Original Star Wars Series“. If you have submissions, be sure to get them in by September 19th. I’ve taken my own crack at it. As much as the changes may have rankled fans of the epic trilogy, it clearly could have been worse. For instance…

Poor product placement

The Electric Kool-Aid AT-AT Walker

A fat, shirtless Darth Vader

The Spice Girls playing at the Mos Eisley Cantina

Steven Seagal, Sith Lord

The deleted Irish one-legged folk dancing scene

Giving lightsabers to the ewoks

Casting Ron Howard, his star from American Graffiti, as Luke Skywalker

By not including any of these things in the original trilogy, we can tell that George Lucas hasn’t turned to the dark side. I know there is good in him. The Emperor hasn’t driven it from him fully.




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31 responses to “Other Ways George Lucas Could Have Made Star Wars Worse

  1. I only vaguely remember Mark Hamill in the first Star Wars movie, but I remember enough to think he was bad. Ron Howard would’ve done a better job.

  2. That is one sweet dye job on that walker. I wonder if the guys inside are giggling as they blow up shit…and how do you take that thing through the drive thru?

  3. I would love a tie die ATAT!! I would pay big dollar for one of those!

  4. Haha! These are all really great. Steven Seagal can ruin pretty much any movie. I have to say my favorite is the lightsaber-packing Ewok. I think it makes him look cuter now. And you know he’s going to fuck up some shit with that thing.

  5. rtm

    Ahahaha… brilliant, John! That shirtless Darth had me in stitches. Oh I hope Lucas doesn’t see this, don’t give him any more ideas!!

  6. Dan

    That was hilarious. The shirtless Darth and product placement were my favorites. I’m sad to admit that a Seagal Sith Lord might be enough to lift my boycott of the Blu-rays.

  7. Ewoks and light sabers would result in the extinction of humankind.

  8. I want to live in your brain for just 10 minutes! I love the Irish dancing! i literally LOLd!!

  9. Vladdy

    Doritos. And the look she is giving them.

  10. Stu

    Ronnie and his goofy grin don’t seem so out of place in that last shot.

    Funny little tidbit: the original test audience cut of “Star Wars” was positively likened to “American Graffiti” in space. Lucas promptly shaved early teen-angst scenes on Tatooine.

    Fat Vader will forever haunt my dreams…

  11. Looking at the pictures I wouldn’t mind if the Ewoks had lightsabers, would look awesome 😉

  12. I could go for some doritos!

  13. Product placement ftw. Great stuff as usual.

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