Infographic: Which Movie Werewolves Can Be Killed with Silver?

The weather has finally turned to fall everywhere except Austin, Texas, where it is apparently so hot that things are spontaneously combusting. With chillier weather and the harvest moon on the way, there’s undoubtedly one thing that we’re all going to be worried about. Specifically, I’m referring to werewolves. It’s not always easy to know how to kill a werewolf. Fortunately, there are several that can be killed with silver. Keeping that in mind, I’ve created an infographic detailing which ones can and cannot be eliminated using silver. If you see any werewolves in the coming months that resemble the werewolves from these films, then you’ll know if you can use silver to escape. Happy hunting!


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19 responses to “Infographic: Which Movie Werewolves Can Be Killed with Silver?

  1. Phil

    So the obvious question is, have you actually seen all of those movies?

    • I’ve seen the overwhelming majority. The ones I haven’t seen: the Twilight movies; Skinwalkers; the third in the Underworld series; and I Was a Teenage Werewolf (which I hopefully will be watching very soon).

      I’m a werewolf movie junkie. I have two more coming my way within the month- “Werewolves on Wheels” (werewolf motorcycle gang) and “Werewolf Woman”, an Italian horror. Both are from the 70’s.

      • Alexandra

        I hope against hope there will be a write up about “Werewolves on Wheels.”

        • Ha… will do.

          Here’s Netflix’s plot description:

          What happens when a motorcycle gang known as the Devil’s Advocates sets off on a take-no-prisoners tour of the American Southwest? Well, for one thing, two of its members (Stephen Oliver and D.J. Anderson) meet up with a cult of satanic monks who promptly turn them into werewolves. An improbable marriage of road movie and horror flick, this offbeat film marks the directorial debut of Michel Levesque, who also penned the screenplay.

  2. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    Lupin was killed in the final Harry Potter. He wasn’t killed by silver.

  3. What’s up next, vampires who can be killed with garlic?

    Seriously, neat idea. I can think of a way to kill the Twilight vampires/warewolves, but it involves a giant cross and “the power of Christ compels you.”

  4. I LOVE what you put down under Twilight, I’d get a bazooka and blast ’em all sparkly things to pieces 😀

    Very informative, John, I hope I have this list handy in case I run into one 😉

  5. Wheelsdude

    I’ve seen “Werewolves on Wheels”, and if I remember correctly, it sounds much better than it actually is. The focus more on the satanic cult than on the werewolves themselves.

    Also, since you didn’t mention “Orgy of the Dead” when asked about movies you have not seen, I’m assuming that means you’ve seen it. As someone else who has seen it (I’m an Ed Wood “fan”) I must say that I was bored to tears. It was an hour and a half of unerotic topless dancing and useless Criswell dialogue. What I find entertaining though is that the book that it is based on (which is written by Ed Wood) is available on Amazon for $99.99. I’d buy it as a souvenir if it wasn’t so damn expensive!

    What did you think of Orgy?

    • You pretty much nailed it. The novelty of a steady stream of topless women was awesome for about 15 minutes. Then it got really stupid and bad. And not “stupid and bad” in the way that a lot of Ed Wood movies are “stupid and bad”, which makes them fun.

      I once read a review from someone who said it’d be great to have on, in a loop, on a TV at a Halloween party. I think that’s about the best possible use for it.

  6. Where does American Werewolf in Paris stand? Is it with its London Cousin and ignores the silver rule?

    Great infographic matey!!

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