Flowchart: Which Director’s Movies Should You Be Watching?

There are so many choices out there when it comes time to pick a movie. It can be a little intimidating trying to decide what to see. I find it helpful to choose movies by director. Even then, you’re left with the difficult task of deciding which director’s movies to watch. Fortunately, I’ve created a flowchart to help make those decisions a little bit easier.

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37 responses to “Flowchart: Which Director’s Movies Should You Be Watching?

  1. The first guy I ended up on was Nolan, which I’m pretty happy about. Excellent work once again sir.

  2. This is brilliant, though it’s a bit too easy to end up on Hitchcock.

    I landed on Lars Von Trier; it’s like it was meant to be!

    I don’t know how it’s possible, but you sir, seem to be getting better and better. I smell a Hit List spot…

  3. I flow to David Fincher muahaha. Awesome flowchart sir.

  4. Call me a simple man, but a train is always sexual and Freudian. I can’t get past Hitchcock.

    • It’s tough to say because I can’t take the flowchart objectively (since I put it together)… but I’m pretty sure I’d end up on Hitchcock or Del Toro.

  5. /runsawayinshame….

    First stop Spielberg. LOL

    Ah well great job matey

  6. Excellent job! Love it! I ended up with Darren Aronofsky which is exactly where I want to be… 🙂

  7. This was epic. EPIC, I SAY!

  8. I always end up with sex and Freud. I just can’t slip away from that … it’s Hitchcock for me.

    • It’s tough to get past Hitchcock. At some point, I might write an article detailing all of the fun Freudian craziness in his movies. My personal favorite was in “Rope” when one of the characters flips out while discussing “choking a chicken”. That was 1948.

  9. This had to take some work. Excellently done. Coen Brothers for me!

  10. Alexandra

    Just a few points that I’m unqualified to make:
    Perhaps it’s because I’ve only seen Dogville, Persona, and Hour of the Wolf, but I don’t understand how von Trier and Bergman ended up on the “not creepy” side.
    Speaking of creepy, where’s David Lynch? Of course, you couldn’t put every director on there, and he probably would’ve complicated the clever “train in a tunnel” bit. So, I guess I understand. Then again, it could’ve been clever to add onto that, in which the side that would ultimately go to Hitchock would say something like “Do you like icy blondes and bathrooms?” and the side that would ultimately go to Lynch would say something nonsensical like “That gum you like is going to come back in style.”
    Just a thought.
    Nice work. (I’m a Hitchcock, by the way. Or, embarrassingly, a Shyamalan. Barf. )

    • That’s definitely a fair point re: the creepy stuff. I guess in my head, I think of those guys more for other things (i.e. foreign drama) but there’s no denying they can have some creep in their movies.

      Lynch, Cronenberg, and Chan Wook Park are guys I originally intended to include but putting it together ultimately took me in other directions. I think I’m going to re-visit this with a specific focus on one genre.

  11. nimorphi

    The first time I did it I ended up on Aronofsky, who is probably my favorite living director. They are uncomfortable as they are brilliant. I think schools should stop doing D.A.R.E. and just show them Requiem for a Dream. It would probably drop drug use rates to non existent levels.
    The demonic foxes part made me laugh pretty hard. It would be closer for van trier to be “You think movies should end with women dying horrible deaths”.
    also, I believe there is some czech new wave films where trains going into a tunnel are not just trains going into tunnels.

    • nimorphi

      You specified early shyamalan for twists. You could of done later shyamalan for Like to be disappointed or only make it half way through your movies.

    • Ha… absolutely “Closely Watched Trains” has a train that explodes that’s definitely not JUST an exploding train. That movie has more sexual imagery than any I can think of. A fuzzy opening on a couch, a woman stroking a goose’s neck, exploding trains… it’s amusing.

  12. Nice flowchart…I ended up at Christopher Nolan…

  13. What, no Cronenberg???? Haha!! Great flowchart. Love that you included talking foxes for von Trier! Keep up the good work.

  14. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    This is an outrage!! Where is my boy, Kursawa? Just kidding. Obviously, the flowchart can be added on to so that the printed version would cover the side of a Walk-in Fridge.

  15. Awesome! I flow to Jackson and Nolan… naturally 🙂

  16. Aaron

    I think you have Guillermo Del Toro and Takashi Miike reversed…

    • Hmm… I don’t know. Miike has Audition, Visitor Q, Ichii the Killer… lots of creepy/disturbing stuff in there. I should definitely clarify, though, that I enjoy his movies a great deal, even with all of the corporeal horror and dismemberment.

  17. Syd

    I’m kind of surprised Quentin Tarantino isn’t on the chart somewhere. But the biggest gaping hole is the lack of any female directors. You couldn’t even find one? Really?

    • mtbluestocking

      Yeah. Not ONE female director? Really?

      • Honestly, it wasn’t a purposeful oversight. There just aren’t many female directors that I’m very familiar with. I’m slowly acclimating myself to the work of Agnes Varda and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen a great deal (so much so that I put her Cleo from 5 to 7 as one of the 15 best French films of all-time when I did my 50 Best French Films on Bastille Day). The two or three bigger female directors I think of are Sofia Coppola, Kathryn Bigelow, and maybe Jane Campion. In all three cases, I haven’t seen more than two films. I can’t stress enough- it’s not a judgment issue, it’s simply a lack of familiarity. If you’ve got specific female directors you think I should check out, by all means, I’m glad to hear new names to check out.

        RE: Tarantino’s omission, I’m a colossal fan but I do tend to write about him too much (along with a few others) so I took the opportunity to focus on other directors that don’t get nearly as much play here.

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  19. Sam

    Great chart – but no Kubrick? Herzog?

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