The Career of David Cronenberg: A Comic Book

David Cronenberg has established himself as one of the most unique directors working. He cut his teeth in the 70’s and early 80’s by making a flurry of corporeal science fiction-horror psychological thrillers. He eventually began receiving critical acclaim as one film after another achieved cult hit status. With his latest film, A Dangerous Method, just three months away from its release date, I’ve chosen to illustrate his career with this four page comic book. Enjoy!

Click on any image for the full-res version.


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16 responses to “The Career of David Cronenberg: A Comic Book

  1. Great stuff. I knew it was only a matter of time before your flair for graphic design took another step up. You should make this a feature; every two or three weeks, do a different director. I know that I would LOVE to see different directors’ catalogues displayed in such an open and interesting manner. Just a suggestion, though.

  2. Simply awesome, man. I’ve been pumped for A Dangerous Method ever since I heard about it. It’s crazy how his career has gone from cult icon to critical icon in a nearly Lynchian arc. Great work as always.

    • GREAT way of describing it there with the Lynch comparison. I’m a late bloomer on Cronenberg- it’s really only been in the last year or so that I’ve started really diving into his work- but you can definitely see the cult beginnings and then mainstream acceptance somewhere in the mid to late 80’s and especially today.

      The fact that he made a movie about dueling 19th century psychologists and people are excited to see it speaks volumes for his work and how unique he is. I’m stoked for A Dangerous Method.

  3. Great work John as ever. You really do graphics well!! (which is handy huh? for your job?)

    I hated Existenz, what a crock!

    Hope you are well

    • I need to see Existenz yet, although the fact that I’ve never heard anything about it is a bad sign. Also, the spelling is weird. eXistenZ? WTF is that?

  4. Nicely done! I have liked Cronenberg for a long long time. He’s so creepy and weird. As far as eXistenZ, I really enjoyed that film. One of the few Jennifer Jason Leigh performances that I actually like. Crash and Naked Lunch are two of my favorite Cronenberg films. Oh… and Spider with Ralph Fiennes was really interesting too.

    • You’re naming all of the Cronenberg films I still need to see (I’ve seen Crash but it’s been awhile and I missed significant portions of it).

  5. Vladdy

    I liked eXistenZ too. Great comic book. I’ll be waiting for the Louis Malle edition!

  6. Very nicely made John! My favorite Cronenberg film is definitely A History of Violence.

    • He has a lot that I like as much as, but not more than, A History of Violence. For me, Dead Ringers, Videodrome, and The Fly are all right there.

  7. LOVE this.
    Cronenberg is really one of my favourite actors, and every time he comes up with something new I wait for it for months!

  8. Oh, this is nice. Oh, I should note that “Crash” did not win the Palme D’or at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival yet it did win a Special Jury Prize. Mike Leigh’s “Secrets & Lies” won the Palme D’or that year.

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