The Tagline Quiz

How well do you know movies? Can you identify them based on minutiae? For instance, can you identify them based only on their tagline? Find out by taking The Tagline Quiz:

Find the answers by clicking here. How did you do?

0-3: Wrangler
You have enough knowledge about cinema that you can be trusted with all of the stuff on a set that can’t talk. Congratulations!

4-7: Gaffer
Every filmmaker needs electricity to make a movie, right?

8-11: Cinematographer
With the right moves, you might become the Roger Deakin of movie quiz-taking!

12-15: Assistant Director
Your knowledge is impressive, but alas- there is still much to learn before you can make the next level.

16-18: Director
Your movie knowledge is unsurpassed and it’s time to start thinking about a move to the director’s chair.


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23 responses to “The Tagline Quiz

  1. Yeah Man I am happy with my Cinematographer. That’ll do 🙂

    (this is Custard btw I am trying it out without my moniker)

  2. Dude's Wife

    I’m a Gaffer…..I think I’ve found my calling

  3. This is awesome, John… unfortunately, I only got 4 right… so I guess that’s epic fail, eh? 😀

    • Not at all! After I put it together, I realized that I’d sort of overdone it. I’m starting to think that 4 is a pretty good score and that Custard/Scott is the only one who’s gonna break above that.

  4. Wheelsdude

    Cinematographer and given the difficulty of this quiz, I’m damn proud of it.

  5. Yep, I’m a Roger Deakins too! I can’t believe I thought that Fighter tagline was Inception! Great quiz, John. Very clever!

  6. 1 shy of Assistant Director! I’ll take Cinematographer. Liked the inclusion of the MALLRATS tagline, I hadn’t seen that one before.

  7. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    A few of these could apply to multiple movies….Where’s Olive?—Popeye. In Little Miss Sunshine, I don’t recall Olive being lost whereas in Popeye, Olive Oil was kidnapped. Yippee Ki Yay all over again could apply to Diehard 3 and Diehard 4. I’m just saying…

  8. Damn, I only got 4: American Beauty, Idiocracy, Groundhog Day and American Pie 😦 This is hard!

  9. MJ

    I only got 6 (3 men, Groundhog Day, Snakes, Bill & Ted, American Pie), but considering I’ve only seen 3 (Groundhog, Bill & Ted, Men in Black) of them (I’m an adolescent), I’m pretty proud of myself. Besides, ‘gaffer’ is fun to say.

  10. Kelly

    I made A.D. Great quiz.

  11. Cinematographer. It’s scary how I remembered some of these taglines.

  12. 50% – not too shabby! I would love more tagline quizes in the future, they’re a lot of fun!

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