Infographic: Summarizing the 2011 Summer Movie Season

We’re (thankfully) a month or so away from autumn, meaning the last batch of summer movies are coming out. With the summer movie season coming to a close, let’s take a deeper look. What were the major themes of the 2011 summer movie season? Let this infographic fill you in:


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15 responses to “Infographic: Summarizing the 2011 Summer Movie Season

  1. Phil

    The proportion isn’t correct. The superhero slice is too small.

  2. HAHA Yeah I guess it is all about the big summer blockbuster hero!!

    And please do not wish away summer, we are still waiting for it here in the UK!!

    Have a good weekend John

    • Have a good weekend, Custard! Hopefully you’ll get some semblance of a summer soon. We have 20 extra degrees every day I’d like to send your way.

  3. Hooray, another infographic! Can we expect more of these in the near future. They used to be brilliant, but there haven’t been any lately. No pressure though, your site is brilliant, infographic or no infographic!

  4. Dude's Wife

    ……imagine: fork in one hand, knife in another, being banged on the dinner table, hearing the chant, “we want food, we want food”…….now substitute that with a computer mouse in one hand and a beer in the other and hearing your blog readers chant, “we want infograpohics, we want infogroahics”…..

  5. rtm

    I love infographics and I know I can always rely on you to provide a fun one, John. I echo Phil, the superhero slice should be bigger and even more so next year 😀

    • I counted the “X-Men: First Class” group as one superhero. If only I had counted them as the 20 or so that they really were, the pie graph would’ve looked like Pac Man.

  6. Unaccounted for: awful movies about Saturday morning cartoons that nobody has cared about for 30 years.

  7. I went into this expecting a Venn diagram analyzing cowboys, aliens, and cowboys and aliens.

  8. Hilarious! Information is so much more appealing when shown through colorful pie charts.

  9. nimorphi

    Is Transformers considered a superhero movie, cause i didn’t see “Michael Bay’s mechanical Orgasm” as a category

  10. I’m glad that I’m not the only one to be annoyed by this whole blockbuster saga around the superheroes/Giant robots and/or sequels/prequels/reboot etc.

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