The Film Geek’s Holiday: Bergstille Day

With my (sort of) French heritage, I enjoy celebrating Bastille Day. I do it the only way I know how- with gobs and gobs of French films leading up to July 14th, and compiling my annual list of the 50 Greatest French Films. But July 14th is a special day for another reason. On this date in 1918, my favorite director- Ingmar Bergman- was born.

One year, I even created a bullshit holiday called “Bergstille Day”. It involved taking the day off of work, eating brie cheese and french bread, drinking wine (you should know that I do not ordinarily drink wine), and alternating Bergman films with French films throughout the day. It was… kind of a dorky idea, actually, mostly a bullshit way of getting a day off of work. So it only happened once. All the same, the combination of these two events more or less makes July 14th the best day you’ll find all summer according to yours truly. I don’t necessarily have anything special to say about French film or Ingmar Bergman that I haven’t already said, or will continue to say for as long as this site exists. The fact that both “French Film” and “Ingmar Bergman” have their own categories at TDYLF should tell you how much importance I give them in my movie-watching experience.

So Happy Bergstille Day, everyone! With time, we can work to make this a nationally recognized holiday and everyone can have the day off of work.


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8 responses to “The Film Geek’s Holiday: Bergstille Day

  1. Happy Bastille Day back at ya matey!!

    You are of French Heritage? Oh. I. See.

    Being from the south of England we have a very large rivalry with the French. I am actually near to Dieppe than I am to London!

    It was very lucky that I withheld from all th stereo type names yesterday then….phew!!

    Hope you are well bud!

    • I claim the French heritage, but if I’m completely honest, there’s a lot of other stuff in there too. There’s German, Scotch, Welsh… if the country is white and European (but not Italy or Ireland), I’ve got someone in my family tree who came from there. Although the French part is probably the largest part.

      I looked up Dieppe. Does that mean you get to go to Paris very often?

  2. Ha, I’m lucky, there’s Swedish in my family (my mother’s maiden name is Pettersson) so there’s a one in a million chance I’m related to Bergman. Did you hear the news a few weeks back that they found out he was switched at birth? Wow… can you imagine what would’ve happened if he wasn’t… no Bergman movies! I shudder to think…

    I also did a Bergman post, and I’ll certainly be celebrating Bergstille day with a marathon tonight (although in US time, you’ll be asleep then). Happy birthday, Bergman, and may the harsh Winter Light not keep your Persona from shining from beyond the grave…

  3. I french kissed Bergman once. Does that count?

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