The Beauties of French Cinema

Since it’s Bastille Day this week, I’m going to continue to honor French film. Today’s topic is an easy one. You see, there’s something of an ulterior motive when it comes to watching French movies. Namely, some of the most incredibly beautiful women in the history of cinema have been French icons. Here are ten that will make you want to stand at attention and sing La Marseillaise:

Brigitte Bardot
Where You’ve Seen Her:
Contempt (1963); Masculin Feminin (1966); Viva Maria! (1965)


Jeanne Moreau
Where You’ve Seen Her:
Viva Maria! (1965); The Fire Within (1963); Diary of a Chambermaid (1964); Jules et Jim (1962); Touchez Pas Au Grisbi (1954)


Isabelle Huppert
Where You’ve Seen Her: 
The Piano Teacher (2002); I Heart Huckabees (2004); Going Places (1974); Coup de Torchon (1981)


Isabelle Adjani
Where You’ve Seen Her: 
The Story of Adele H. (1974); Camille Claudel (1988); Queen Margot (1994)


Catherine Deneuve
Where You’ve Seen Her: 
The Last Metro (1980); A Christmas Tale (2008); Belle de Jour (1967)


Delphine Seyrig
Where You’ve Seen Her: 
Last Year at Marienbad (1961); The Milky Way (1969); The Discreet Charm of the Bouregoisie (1972)


Irene Jacob
Where You’ve Seen Her: 
The Double Life of Véronique (1991)


Corrine Marchand
Where You’ve Seen Her: 
Cleo from 5 to 7 (1961); Uh… The Erotic Adventures of Emmanuelle (1974)


Audrey Tautou
Where You’ve Seen Her: 
Amélie (2001); Pretty Devils (2000); Dirty Pretty Things (2002); The Da Vinci Code (2006)


Emmanuelle Béart
Where You’ve Seen Her: 
La Belle Noiseuse (1991); Manon of the Spring (1986); Un Coeur en Hiver (1992)



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17 responses to “The Beauties of French Cinema

  1. No Sophie Marceau? 😀 You got most of them.

  2. The guy who met Kevin Meany

    I actually saw Emmanuelle Beart in Mission Impossible. For “Bastille Day” week, is there a Jerry Lewis list coming?

  3. huw he huw he huw he huw (that is my best french sexy noise so there)

    Those Frenchies don’t half scrub up well don’t they? Yum yum….

    I can see why you are a fan of french cinema

    (I am in a very silly mood today)

  4. How about Eva Green? She’s quite the stunner. And no Juliette Binoche?

    • Eva seemed a bit easy to include. Plus, with a name like “Green”, it would’ve felt like cheating.

      Binoche was in but I couldn’t find a good enough pic, so Corrine Marchand took her place.

  5. Tambourine Man

    I’m devastated. What are the stipulations to apply for French Hottieship?


  6. Irene Jacob is at the number 1 spot on my list. (note: She’s also in Red, the last movie in the Three Colours trilogy).

  7. Alexandra

    Maybe it’s just because I’m a girl, but I prefer the meatier ladies: Fanny Ardant, Simone Signoret, Catherine Deneuve circa the ’80s and after.
    Of course, Catherine Deneuve is the best looking woman whether she’s skinny or not; I just thinks she’s at her most gorgeous when she looks as though she’s eaten a few croque-monsieurs.

    • If you’ve ever seen “Judge Roy Bean”, the way Bean feels about Lily Langtree is spot-on for how I feel about Deneuve. Signoret was one I thought about including.

  8. rtm

    Is there a French actress who AREN’T beautiful? Wow, these women are such ethereal beauty it’s almost like they’re from another planet. Catherine Deneuve especially, perhaps the most beautiful woman ever.

    • I don’t know how many times I’ve watched a French movie, seen a secondary character- not even the female lead, but someone in the background- and been blown away.

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